Can you guess what I did this weekend? 


I ran around yesterday – started with a pedicure with Cieara early in the morning, and then I went to get my hair cut and colored.  I must be in a summer mood because I had her do something completely new – very light.  It may have been the person before me that had her hair colored the most beautiful light shade of orange (ok, it probably wasn’t orange, but it looked like it!). No, I didn’t dye mine orange – but its much lighter than I’ve ever had it.  I like it, but I’m still at the stage where it startles me when I see myself in the mirror. 

After my hair appointment, I went to knitting group yesterday – as always had a very nice time.   So by the time I got home, I was ready to sit and relax and knit.   As you can see, I’m clipping along on the Ribby Shell – and the yarn – I love it.  I can’t believe how nice this is to work with.  I’m not sure how it will hold up to the wearing, but its just so soft and silky.  It really doesn’t feel like cotton at all.  I think this would make a nice sweater for Larry (the yarn, not the color!). 

Today I took Andrew to Wegman’s.  Wegman’s is a regional, east coast US store that is simply amazing.  I know, I used to think people that raved about it were weird – its just a grocery store.  But it’s not.  Its amazing – its huge, and has a market cafe part where you can have lunch (or dinner!).  The seafood is good, as is the bakery, meat department…I could go on for hours.  If you are in the area, and haven’t gone, you should!  Anyway, as I suspected – Andrew loved it.  He spent 20 minutes in the bakery alone (Andrew does love bread!).   And the fact that they had fireworks there just sealed the deal for him!

On the way to Wegman’s, we stopped at the big box craft store where I picked up….


I couldn’t keep on borrowing hooks from Chris and Beth – so I bought my own set. 

I also picked up a little yarn….


This is just a portion of what I bought – yes, its Wool-Ease – I know, acrylic (but it has some wool in it!) – it is going to be a gift, and I know the person needs something machine washable….anyway, its going to be an afghan.   With a pattern from this book.    Because I was inspired by someone else’s afghan….(you know, looking at Opal’s again, I just may use the pattern she used)

So I started – I need somewhere around 150 chains.  This is much harder than knitting – I have to apparently keep count as I chain.   I can’t do my normal “put a stitch marker every 20 stitches” to keep track.  This is going to take a while….



12 Responses to Counting

  1. I was going to guess all that – and I would have been right! The hair color looked very nice! And I love the ribby – you have a lot more done. You are just whipping out tank tops!

    Nice hooks! And nice color combo on the yarn – I think wool ease is the way to go on this project! Happy counting! (and I do make special stitchmarkers for crochet – the “hook” onto the chains – remind me to bring some for you next time!

  2. Nicola says:

    So where’s the photo of your new hairdo?? And I thought you would have been knitting socks for your KAL but you’ve been extra brave and cast on for TWO more projects. Good luck with them both.

  3. Opal says:

    oh I love the way the ribby shell is coming out. and you got your own hooks! does that mean you are officially hooked? hurhurhur

  4. tiennie says:

    Fun stuff! Where’s the pic of your new hair color? 😉

  5. susan says:

    My son has a ripple afghan in his room right now in those same colors! It has been around a long time but he will not part with it. The ribby looks great in that color.

  6. Laurie says:

    The shell looks great! You’re speeding along with it. Nice.

    I was at Wegman’s yesterday…didn’t see you. LOL. Maybe because I was there and gone in about 15 minutes.

    That’s a beauty of a hook set. It’s great to be able to know where they are at all times.

    Enjoy the hooking!

  7. Beth says:

    The beauty of the crochet chain though is that you can usually overshoot by a couple and just weave the extra chain in when you weave in your end. It all looks great!

  8. rhoda says:

    yes, where is this pic of your new hairdo?? the ribby shell is so pretty! oh, there are crochet stitchmarkers out there! (sorry for introducing a new addiction…)

  9. Rebekah says:

    wool-ease is great for blankets, I think Acrylic has its place and blankets is definitely one of their places.

    Oh I hate counting in crochet. I always goof it up.

  10. stitch-dom says:

    Canada doesn’t have Wegmans, but we get to hear about it on TV! The fun of channel feeds from NY I guess.

    Okay – thanks Jeanne. Now I am coveting crochet needles!!!

    And thinking I need to try it again.

    Evil crochet enabler!

  11. Terri says:

    Love the colour you’ve chosen for the ribby shell. Funny how we suddenly get sick of a colour we love. I did this recently with green. Was purchasing yarn for an Arwen of my own (having completely fallen in love with my daughter’s) and had the choice of a lovely earthy green or a soft stone colour. I chose the stone. I have lots of things knitted in green – all shades, so decided it was time for a change. You’ll go back to blue. I’ll go back to green, but it’s nice to do something different now and then right?! :o)

  12. hakucho says:

    Good luck with the ripple afghan. My mother was an expert at crocheting ripple afghans. It really make a nice looking blanket. I love the color of your ribby shell. I sure wish I could feel that yarn…it looks really soft 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

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