Philadelphia Yarn Crawl

As I mentioned, my knitting group did a yarn crawl to Philadelphia yesterday – and we had a great time.  I’ve gone to yarn stores with my mother, and with one or two friends, but never in a group like this.  There were 7 of us, and it was a very different experience – little chaotic at first, but a lot of fun.  We went to three shops – I’m going to talk about only one of the three today, and probably the other two another day.

The second store we went to, Loop, was my favorite.   The first impression you get when you walk in is sunlight, beautiful colors…just amazing.  The staff was very friendly (sorry – didn’t get names) but not in a pushy, buy something or get out way.  They have Lorna’s Laces, Debbie Bliss, Nashua (some beautiful yarn), Great Adirondack, Blue Sky….the list goes on and I really don’t think anyone could go in there and not find something.  Fairly reasonable prices as well.  We spent a bit of time there, laughing, pointing out yarn to each other…and in general making a lot of noise and chaos – and the staff seemed ok with it and laughed along with us.  I really can’t say enough about how nice they were – they even were going to sell Chris a pattern that a co-worker was using to make a shawl….but fortunately for her, they found another copy.  I bought some Lorna’s Laces – Shepherd Sock for Larry (because if I buy him yarn then the rest of the stuff I buy in that store just doesn’t count) and some Helen’s Lace laceweight – beautiful.  I’m being lazy and don’t want to go upstairs and get it and take a picture.  I’ll try to do it next time.  I also bought some Koigu…


I have serious start-itis.  And I’m a lemming.  But Chris showed me the chevron scarf she was making, and I’ve been seeing them everwhere, and I just caved.  And I love the pattern.  Really.  Love it.  Could see myself making bunch of these for Christmas gifts.  In fact, this one will be a Christmas gift – or a birthday gift- for a friend.  I love the pattern though and keep on thinking about what’s in my stash that I can combine into another scarf.

The people at Loop also recommended a restaurant for lunch to us – Ten Stone.  It was the perfect place for lunch – great food, good service and we had a great time.  I really enjoy this group of women, and am so happy that I decided to start a knitting group last year.    Isn’t it funny how this one thing, knitting, can bring a group of very different women together and help them become friends?  After being part of this group, I just can’t imagine going back to knitting alone….or shopping for yarn alone!  It really is a lot more fun to do it together.

If you are in the neighborhood, I really do recommend Loop.  In fact, I think that I’ll put this store in my “not too far to drive to” list…its only about 1.5 hours, so not too bad if I really want to go to a store and be inspired.


Today we went to a party for a friend who is finishing her college degree; after we got home I finished the right back shoulder of the Lutea lace shell…and realized it was wrong – somehow I ended up with 6 less stitches than I should have…so I frogged it back.  Grr.  So I think I’ll put it aside and work on my scarf for a little….so soothing in its orange-y-ness….


8 Responses to Philadelphia Yarn Crawl

  1. chris says:

    It was such a great time! And I did actually get that coworkers pattern – but I was nice enough to leave the sleeve to her needles with the staff!! They were so nice there and so accomdating. Well worth the trip to go back again….and again.

    That scarf is just looking gorgeous!

  2. knitxcore says:

    i heard loop is really nice….. i may have to go sometime soon. I jealous of this “yarn crawl” business all the bloggers are talking about.

  3. Opal says:

    Sounds like you all had a really great time! I had a great time at my WWKIP even too.

    When I look at your scarf I think “Orange Crush!” It’s just beautiful. 🙂

  4. stitch-dom says:

    I love that orange – and the touches of blue are just right. I think we all need a quick project to take the edge off the big ones every now and then.

  5. tiennie says:

    Your chevron is gorgeous! I do love knitting these and can see always having one on the needles to work on.

  6. Asa says:

    Love the orange-y-ness scarf!

  7. Terri says:

    Wow, that is SO pretty.

  8. Lauren says:

    I went to Loop today and got some Koigu for a chevron scarf, too! I bought 2 colors, 1 skein of each. I hope this is enough for a smaller version scarf. yours is beautiful!

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