Fighting the urge

Let’s start today’s discussion with a list of my works in progress:

  1. Child’s First socks
  2. Ariann socks
  3. Drunken Argyle vest
  4. Spray
  5. Maple Leaves scarf
  6. Na Craga

Those are my knitting basket projects.  I have another one or two in the stash, but I’m not sure what to do with them.  One is the Cheesy Puff sweater for Larry.  Everything is done except a half sleeve – but I’m convinced this sweater will make him look pudgy (chunky weight yarn) and I just don’t know if I like it.    So I need to frog it, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it.  The other stash project is a half sock that matches a complete sock – but one of the dogs got to it and the yarn is all tangled/knotted/slimed. 

Anyway, back to the project list – I think its a lot.  Right?  Especially if you look at the vest (fingering weight yarn, size 2 needles) or Na Craga (aran cabled sweater).  Big projects.  I’ll never finish if I don’t focus on them.  And yet….

I really am sort of bored with it all.  All week I’ve been fighting the urge to start another project.  And my choices:

  • Shawl – no idea what shawl, or what yarn, but I really want to make one. 
  • Cece – I loved making Ariann so I think I will love this one too (I would have started this if I had the yarn for it in the stash)
  • Fair isle  – last night, I had an overwhelming urge to start the Brae cardigan.  I didn’t  – but only because a) I was actually getting into bed when I had the urge and b) I try to consider that Larry may think that somethings are just too weird  – like if I did get out of bed, and start rummaging through the stash and needles and start a sweater seconds after I was just falling asleep on the couch….

I keep on fighting the urge – by telling myself things like “you don’t need another project” or “you can start one when you finish one”.  I really don’t want to have another project hanging around…but I am just bored!  I started considering frogging a couple to make room for new – but that really sounds bad.  So what do you do?  Are you a one project at a time person, or do you have lots going?   What do you think I should do?  Keep on track, or throw caution to the wind and cast on for all three?


Isn’t this pretty?  This is 4 oz of corriedale, hand dyed  – colorway is Waterfall.  I bought it from Charbridge Woolen Co – looks like she’s out of stock right now, but she did have beautiful stuff.  And this is just gorgeous.  I can’t wait to spin it up.  I’m just about done with my Cherry Tree Hill roving.  I brought my wheel downstairs, and I’ve been spinning at night and I’m getting a lot done.    Since the shop I bought this fiber from is out of stock, check out Smoky Mountain Fibers – very nice, eh?  I haven’t purchased from her yet but will be…but not yet because I’m saving up for something….

As I sit here, on a beautiful Saturday morning, I can’t help but think….this time next Saturday, I’ll be on my way to Maryland!  I can’t wait – I started looking at the vendor list last night, and making notes of who I want to see.  This is my third time going, and I’m really looking forward to getting some unique fiber and yarn.  I’m not bringing a list per se – but I’ll be looking for a cotton blend DK weight yarn for Cece, and then probably some laceweight….some sock yarn….some roving.  Larry and I are going, and I’m looking forward to spending the day with him, out in the sunshine (hopefully).  

Did you see the festival list on Knitters Review?  Wouldn’t it be fun to go to them all?  I’m going to Maryland, and Rhinebeck, but I was thinking that perhaps I’d also try and go to the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival….I do wish I could go to some of the other ones…but that would be expensive!  What festivals are you going to attend?

Well, its time to go shower – I need to do some work this morning that I didn’t get done yesterday (sigh) but then I’m off to lunch with a friend and knitting group this afternoon.  Have a wonderful day!


9 Responses to Fighting the urge

  1. hakucho says:

    I’m not a one project person. I usually have a “mindless” progect (prayer shawl) to take along with me. A more difficult knitting project to concentrate on every night and then my addictive dish cloth habit. I think they help me to stay on track with the bigger projects because they give me a sense of accomplishment in the event I get discouraged and then I return to my bigger project. The cloth that I’m working on now is not one of those. This will probably me my most time involved cloth. Not good 😦

    Can’t wait to see that corriedale after you spin it! It’s a beautiful color!

    happy knitting 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    Love the waterfall colorway! I can’t wait to see that spun up.

  3. Terri says:

    I’m a gemini, so I get bored pretty quickly. I HAVE to have at least four projects on the go at any one time to fight bordom. Wish I could be a disciplined one at a time person – I used to be funnily enough – but not anymore. Actually your WIP list didn’t look all that large to me. :o)

  4. Sheesh. I’ve got two sweaters almost done and just started another and think I may even start one more – a shawl and a sock. I say, do what you feel like doing – and join me in a finishing spree when we get fed up with all the WIP’s!!!

    Lunch was a riot – glad we got to do that – and don’t forget we’ve got a date to teach you the cro-shay!

  5. Laurie says:

    I think you’ll get more ideas of what you’d like to knit, at MD S&W. You’ll probably get (un-bored, anti-bored? bored NOT?) enthused as well.

    Work on what you want. I’ll deflect the knitting police.

  6. stitch-dom says:

    I’m the last one to be giving advice on your project dilemma, seeing as how I suffer much the same indecision as you.

    Personally, I’d have issues with knitting when there’s that gorgeous corriedale to spin!!

  7. Knitxcore says:

    I always do the “finish one and you can start a new” method, but i always cheat. heh. i want to go to MDSW pretty bad, I’m going to try to talk a few girls from the LYS into going.

  8. Opal says:

    I try to keep the number of my projects under 5. I’m not sure why that’s the magic number, but it is for me. No more then 2 socks on the needles and no more then 2 shawls or 1 shawl and 1 sweater. It seems to work for me, but really you have to find what works for you and what make you happy.

    That Waterfall roving is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it spun up too!

  9. donyale says:

    Pishaw! That ain’t no wip list….heh heh. But I’m not sharing mine.

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