Rainy Sunday


Today is Larry’s birthday (Happy Birthday!) …..I won’t say how old he is (44) but I will say that when we met he had brown hair.  And he had long curls (some might even say mullet, but I won’t because that would be mean).  Now there is no brown hair in sight, and he has short hair, and all excited about the golf gifts he got for his birthday.  Was is the kids that caused the grey hair?  Me?  All the dogs/cats?  My vote is the kids, but it could be the dogs.  Definitely not me!  He’s changed quite a bit since we’ve met in appearance, but he’s still the Larry I met 12 years ago.  

Larry, Cieara, Dan and I went to the pig roast – which didn’t have a lot of people given the torrential downpour we are having today.  The news said this morning that if this had been snow, we would have received more than 2 feet.   I’m glad its April!  But we had a nice time and I think it was a nice way to celebrate the day.


Have you ever missed a project once you were done with it?  I think that I’ve been missing Ariann (I’ve worn it almost every other day – thank god its still cold!).  Yesterday I was sitting and thinking about how much I loved the pattern…and then I had an idea…


Ariann socks!  The pattern is perfect for socks – and I love what its doing to the Lorna Laces Black Purl – cute eh?  I’ve seen some other people’s socks made from this yarn and it pooled, which I really don’t like, but this pattern is helping with that. 

Laurie made me stitch markers, but I can’t show them – they are a gift for someone, so I’ll show one she got them.  But I have to say – they are just beautiful!  I’m looking at the crazy multi-colored ones she has on her Etsy site….after all, you always can use stitch markers!

Have a great day, and if you are on the east coast of the US – enjoy the rain!


9 Responses to Rainy Sunday

  1. Laurie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LARRY! Wishing you many birdies and no bogies! (I know Jeanne gave you the gray hair. She can be difficult at times. But we still love her.)

    I like the Ariann socks. What kind of GAUGE are they working up? Very pretty.

  2. Terri says:

    OOh can you send some of that rain over here to us please? I can’t tell you how long it has been since it rained properly, but we’ve been drought declared for so long now I’ve forgotten what normal weather is like. While I was away my car windscreen fogged up one morning and I didn’t know how to use the windscreen wipers. We’ve had the car nearly 3 years and I’ve rarely had to use them. That’s pretty telling I think. Happy Birthday Larry!

  3. stitch-dom says:

    So relieved the Black Purl has found its calling – I was getting worried that was going to be a orphaned skein! Sounds like you had a good time at the pig roast and a very happy birthday to Larry! (by the way – how many greys has he given you?? – as long as its mutual right?)

  4. lobstah says:

    Happy birthday to Larry!
    I love the idea for the Ariann socks–very clever!

  5. rhoda says:

    I hope Larry had a wonderful birthday yesterday! 🙂 It looks as though he did. 🙂 And what a great idea to cast on for some Ariann socks! 🙂 love that black purl colorway!

  6. tiennie says:

    Happy birthday Larry!

    Great socks!

  7. Opal says:

    Happy Birthday Larry!

    The Ariann socks are lovely!

  8. hakucho says:

    Good thinking — Ariann socks!! They’re beautiful 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

  9. Asa says:

    Beautiful sock pattern and happy belated Birthday, Larry.

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