On a roll….

I think coming up with blog titles is the worst part about blogging.  How is that for a great start to a post?

Anyway, I am on a complete roll…


Pattern:  Garter Rib, Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn:  Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Mystic Lake
Needle:  DPN, US #2
Started:  2/24/07
Finished:  3/1/07

Can you believe that?  I finished a pair of socks in 6 days!  Wow – what the hell is going on?  I don’t know how I got them done so fast….but I will say it was a pretty easy, mindless pattern.  Love the Bearfoot – nice and squishy. 

Please notice that I changed how I took the picture – see what I’m willing to do for the blog to keep your interest?  Right after I took the picture, Nala decided to dig in with claws and teeth…..I was more concerned that she’d pull the yarn but I have to admit the biting hurt a bit.  Good thing these socks are Larry’s – he can deal with the bite marks.

I sold my Kromski Minstrel on the Destash blog  – got an offer the day I posted it.  I’ve been trying to sell the wheel for almost a year by various methods and had no luck so I really think the Destash blog is a great tool.  I’m going to go through the stash – I have some yarn I bought when I first started knitting that I will probably never use, and I’m going to try and sell it.  Anyway, since I sold the wheel, I decided to spend a little on a digital scale….


The picture is misleading – this is so tiny!  But it will help with my spinning and with my sock knitting (I can finally figure out if I do have enough for a second sock!).  The rest of the wheel money is paying off a credit card.  Sigh.  I hate being financially responsible. 

Thanks for all the great comments on the knitting community – I think that its really a lot of fun to blog, and communicate with everyone I’ve met online and offline….

Speaking of the blog (because we were, right?) – I’m coming up on my first year blog-versary!  Yep, March 6 was my very first post.   I want to celebrate it, but not sure what I want to do – anyone have any ideas?  How about a giveaway?  Yarn?  Stitch markers?  Cat that bites new socks?  One of my kids?   Say it and its yours!

OK, I’m off to drink wine, knit Ariann and watch Heroes with Larry.  Have a nice Saturday!


10 Responses to On a roll….

  1. Opal says:

    I love that picture with Nala.. Your socks are gorgeous. Congratulations on selling your wheel! You have my sympathy when it comes to the credit card.

  2. Terri says:

    Girl you ARE on fire!! A pair of socks in six days? I’m lucky to get a pair in six months. Love the photo with Nala. :o) If you don’t already know about this blog, check it out:
    http://goodyarnkarma.blogspot.com/ I can vouch for the gals who run it. You might find a new home for your yarn through them.

  3. Nala looks like she’s about to do that back foot attack thing. Nice photo of the socks.

    When I saw the scale I thought, “You can’t fit feet on that!”. DOH! It’s not a PERSON scale. Nice tho.

    How about that coffee stained silk yarn? You don’t want that, do you? 🙂

    See ya tomorrow!

  4. tiennie says:

    Too funny! I just finished garter rib too (yours is so nice!) and I just bought myself a digital scale (different than yours).

    That’s a great shot of your socks and Nala!

  5. Operakatz says:

    Nice socks! I love the Bearfoot too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog…no one ever leaves comments LOL Where’d you get that little scale? I really need one for splitting sock skeins…

  6. hakucho says:

    Those socks are gorgeous!
    happy knitting 🙂

  7. Asa says:

    Six days?! You knitting fiend, you. I’ve managed three weeks and I thought that was good. No wonder nala sunk her teeth into the socks, they look delicious…

  8. kitkatknit says:

    I’d say Cat that bites new sock but I already have three of those.

  9. stitch-dom says:

    Ugh…credit cards…we hates them! Congrats on the sale and pretty new socks. I find my sock knitting has notched up in speed too. I’m also a lot better at knitting without looking.

  10. Arleta says:

    Hehe, great socks and great picture, too.

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