More Souvenir Yarn

I didn’t make it to knitting group yesterday – I just felt crabby and sick and whiny….so I decided to spare them.  I just ended up watching movies, knitting and generally making myself painful to be around (I really get very whiny when I don’t feel well).  So here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I’m tired of not feeling well, bored, whiny….and I’m waiting for it to snow.  So I thought I’d cheer myself up by taking pictures of the rest of my California yarn for you…

The other yarn store I visited was Strands & Stitches in Laguna Beach, CA. (doesn’t look like they have a web site).  It was a fairly small shop – two rooms – the front had yarn, back had needlepoint.   This is the first yarn store I’ve been to that sorts the yarn by color – they had cubbies full of blue yarn – all different types.  Then green, red, etc.  I don’t think I really like it organized this way – it was pretty hard to actually find what you were looking for, and I think overall, much easier to overlook something.  The staff was very friendly and helpful without being annoying, and I did find a couple of things to take home…

First up, some Kid Silk Haze in Splendour colorway….the color is more magenta in person, but I just couldn’t get it pictured correctly.  I bought this to make one of the shawls from Victorian Shawls.


I’ve found that if I buy yarn to make Larry socks, he tends to be ok with the rest of the purchases.  So this was the Larry yarn – its from Jitterbug, and the label says its made in Wales.  I just googled it – and who knew?  This is actually from Colinette.   I sort of thought it was from a small independent….guess if I had actually looked at the label…..anyway, its really very pretty – colorway is Jay, and I think its going to work up very nicely. 


I’ve been searching for the perfect yarn for the Seraphim and Hidcote Garden shawls for months.  I actually have collected a lot of lace weight and fingering weight yarns for the shawls – but when I get it home, its never exactly what I’m looking for.  I think part of the problem is that I just don’t know what I want each shawl to look like.   I’m pretty surprised at how few stores carry laceweight yarn – one that I asked directed me to the sock yarn.  Hmmm….I’m pretty sure a shawl made out of Regia would be sort of icky. 
Anyway, back to my purchases…..trying again to get laceweight for Hidcote – I picked out this yarn…Colinette Parisienne – laceweight mohair.  Very soft, very pretty.  The colorway is Tapis, and I think it will make a beautiful shawl.  Not sure its perfect for Hidcote, but maybe one of the shawls in Victorian Shawls…..I think I may try it soon.  Its just really beautiful.

So that’s it for my yarn enhancement….I think you can tell I liked the store in Laguna Beach!  My mother also liked it and bought some interesting linen yarn that she is making a shawl with (she immediately cast on as soon as we got back).  So if you are in the area, give it a go. 

Its pretty cold here, and as I said, we are waiting for it to start snowing.  But Ruby is ready!



7 Responses to More Souvenir Yarn

  1. Opal says:

    Oh what gorgeous yarn! I just love that red yarn Parisienne, it really is beautiful Ruby looks adorable in her sweater!

  2. Arleta says:

    Ruby’s so cute! You can have some of our snow, it’s falling like crazy. Again!

    Your new yarn is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous yarns – and we missed you! And thanks for the near panic attack i just had thinking you were getting rid of your wheel – I didn’t realize you had two!! Hi Ruby – nice sweater!

  4. Terri says:

    You really are a bad influence on me. Now not only do I want to cast on for Monkey, but I also want to buy yarn for a shawl!! Ruby is adorable in her little knit. Very cute.

  5. Ruby looks pretty spiffy! Adorable.

    You got some great looking yarn. I love the “Jay” colorway and am fighting not to click on the link. Must. Not. Click.

    Hope you’re feeling better today. We really did miss you on Saturday.

  6. knitXcore says:

    jitterbug looks nice and squishy…. the puppy is too cute in her lil’ sweater!

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    Thanks for your great comments about our shop. We just launched our website yesterday and I was searching for it when I came upon your bolg. I hope you will look at it and email me your thoughts. Looks like you got some great buys.

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