I am usually an uneasy flyer.  Its not that I don’t fly…its just that I don’t generally enjoy the experience.  I try not to think of how it all works when I’m flying.  I know its physics but I really don’t get how something so heavy can fly….but….anyway.  I used to be a lot worse, and would go borderline on panic attacks whenever I flew, but traveling to Asia and South America sort of got me over that. Nothing like a 13 hour flight to conquer your fears.  So now I’m OK with flying – I can’t say I don’t get a bit nervous when there is turbulence, but for the most part, I’m OK.  But – I have my superstitions.  I have to do certain things when I know I’m going to fly.   Like I can’t watch movies with airplane crashes.  I try not to say things like “I won’t see you again until next week” (sounds too negative – so I’ll say things like “I’ll see you next Tuesday”).  You know, that type of thing.  Stupid shit.  I know its stupid – but I do it every time.  But the most important thing that I have to before I fly is to have plans for when I get home.   I know, how stupid is that?  Yes, apparently that’s all it takes to avoid a airplane accident – have plans.  But I always feel better if I know that I have something to come home to (other than a loving family).  So today I started to think…and whew – I have plans!  I have knitting group the weekend after I get home….and Laurie already made reservations for Stitches.  So I’m covered.  I can safely get on that airplane tomorrow.

I am all packed – well, for the most part.  Ariann is safely put away in my luggage.  But I needed a project for the plane….so I went through the stash and found this


This is sock yarn from Hello Yarn – I think the colorway is called Shear.  Its very nice – very muted blues, purples and greens.  Very very nice.  So I thought I should cast on so I can dive right into it on the plane…..I asked Larry and he picked Monkey.  The problem is that this pattern is very addictive.  And I can’t put it down….


I love this pattern (you have to try it)!  And the yarn – so very nice.  Coincidentally, I got an email from the shop today – she has some new yarn up – so go check it out.  I can really recommend this yarn (in fact, I knit the Gentleman’s socks from Hello Yarn sock yarn last year). 


Chris also had a shop update today – go check out her beautiful necklace.  I know I’ll be buying the bracelet and necklace eventually….I’m finding them too hard to resist.

I won’t be posting until I get back Tuesday and probably won’t have access to email – but I will have some nice pictures for you of sunshine, palm trees and other California things!  And if you look up tomorrow, and see a plane…..cross your fingers for me that its not too bumpy! 


9 Responses to Superstition

  1. tiennie says:

    Have fun! That monkey sock is on my to-do list. Yours look so awesome! Happy Valentine’s Day too!

  2. chris says:

    Those monkey socks look amazing – and we have plans – no worries – just fun!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Have fun on your trip, and I think I’ll have to try the Monkey pattern. I expect to see a finished pair of socks when you get back! Just kidding.

  4. So you’ve got a monkey off your back and on your needles! Good for you!!!

    Enjoy your visit with your Mom. We’ve got BIG plans so you’re covered.

    Don’t forget WEBS!!!

    See you soon. (Extra good mojo never hurt anyone)

  5. lobstah says:

    I am a fearful flyer too, although I’ve mostly gotten over it in the last couple years! Knitting is SUCH a huge help in keeping myself calm. Turbulence does still freak me out too, though!
    Enjoy the nice warm California weather and we’ll be here when you get back 🙂

  6. Rebekah says:

    My sister always has to have her house clean before she goes on a trip becuase she’s sure if she doesn’t something will happen and people will see what a horrible housekeeper she is.

  7. Opal says:

    Your Monkeys are beautiful! Have a great trip!

  8. knitXcore says:

    I’m so jealous that you’re going to stitches! that sock looks really fun, that’s my fave cable pattern 🙂

  9. Arleta says:

    Fun safe trip!

    I love that colorway. Your sock is looking great!

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