Happy Birthday!

Today is my oldest son’s birthday; Dan is now 22 years old.  He’s the same age that I was when I got pregnant with him.  OK, I can finally understand what my mother felt like when I told her I was pregnant and getting married and she said “you are too young”.  I was so indignant at the time – Iwas not young – I was a mature adult.  Not so much – I really was pretty young.  Poor Dan – he was the learning kid.  He was the one that got the twitchy mother that didn’t quite know what she was doing, but wanted to make everything perfect.  So he had homemade baby food, was never allowed to cry, and was constantly monitored for temperature (is he hot?  cold?  need a sweater?).   But he made it through all that, and here he is, all grown up….but still pretty young.  He’s not home today – he went to visit his best friend to celebrate his birthday (I’m pretending that I don’t know what that means!).  But Happy Birthday, Dan!

I have no knitting update – its just been such a crappy week.  I got word on Monday that an old friend had died – I hadn’t seen her in probably 8 years.  She was there for me when I went through my divorce, and she really was an extrodinary person.  I went to the wake on Wednesday, and it was very sad and hard – and I felt so regretful that we had lost touch.  Funny isn’t it?  I read a post on Knitting Biologist along the same lines – when someone dies you naturally start thinking that you should have kept in touch, and how you will be better in the future about making sure you keep in touch with friends, and treasure what’s important.  That’s exactly what I was thinking as I drove home from the wake.  I think that its a common reaction to death – but I really do wish that I had kept in touch, and had seen her before she died.  If only to say thank you for everything she did for me, and how she helped me when I really didn’t have anyone else.

I don’t like to post much about work on this blog, but have to say – I think I’ll start casually looking for a new job.  I’ve only been there 4 months – so its going to be a bit hard explaining why I want to leave, but …..let’s just say – its not generally a good sign for me that I already can’t stand going there.  Its not the work, or even the people that work for me….but my manager.  Ugh.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Ugh.

Thanks for your nice comments about my knitting slump.  I did find a shawl pattern and yarn – started it – got to row 11, messed it up, frogged it and back into the stash it went.  I just wasn’t committed to it.   So I just don’t know – haven’t found the right thing yet.  Perhaps its a sign to just finish what I have going.  I don’t want to start another sweater, but the only things I’m finding that I want to do ARE sweaters.  Like this – came across a post on Knitters Review and went to the web site – love this pattern!  Showed it to Andrew – he liked it so I ordered the pattern book from Woolworks.  I also got the new Interweave Knits (horrible new format, by the way) and really like the Dollar and a Half cardigan.    I also ordered two patterns this week….the Grannie Smith cardigan (how cute is that?) and the Diamond Fantasy shawl.  I also have the fair isle cardigans, Rogue, a hoodie for Cieara – all in the stash with yarn ready to go.    Hard sometimes – I think part of the problem is that I have too many choices.  If I didn’t have so much waiting to do, or so many options and great patterns…..it would be much easier!

Knitting group today!  I am looking forward to getting together with friends, and offsetting some of my crap week.  I have to work this weekend (hate that!) but will take some time to relax and recharge.  Sorry for no pictures – but maybe I’ll have something to show tomorrow or Monday. 

Have a great day!


9 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. chris says:

    Oh, Chickie. I am so sorry you lost your friend. I think it very natural to feel regret when someone passes – I’m sure your friend knows how much you appreciated her.

    I’m glad you’re going to meetup today – you need a hug!

  2. I’m so sorry about your friend. She knew how much she meant to you and is there in your heart.

    You’re getting a hug from me, too! And we’ll wait to have lunch with you. 🙂

    I like the same sweater in the IK. AND the Granny Smith. We must be looking at the same blogs. Both are really cute sweaters.

  3. Oh MY GOSH!


  4. kitkatknit says:

    I’m having shawl problems too with a really simple one. I’ve made it thru the base, past my lifeline and to row 7 of the 1st repeat about 4 times. then I mess up! But I do love the pattern so I’ll be tryig agian.

  5. tiennie says:

    Happy Birthday Dan! Our doctor told us that the 1st baby is the practice baby.

    So sorry about your friend and your week. Really really sorry!

    I don’t like the new IK format either. I want it to go back.

    Here’s hoping things get better for you!

  6. Opal says:

    Happy Birthday Dan! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend.

    I can see why you want to knit more sweaters. I love the Dollar and Half sweater. It’s so lovely!

  7. lobstah says:

    You made me chuckle…isn’t it funny how we all feel so “grown up” in our early 20’s? And now looking back, it’s like, holy cow was I immature! Ha ha.

  8. stitch-dom says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I’m sure she knew that you appreciated her support and you probably gave her support in return.

    As for my twenties…let’s not go there k?

  9. Terri says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s passing and about your crappy week. It doesn’t help to know we all have them does it. I’m not having a great one this week – well it’s ok, just challenging. Hope things begin to look up on the job front. That’s hard when you have to go there everyday. Chin up!! :o)

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