Before I get to my whiny post about knitting…..I thought I’d share some pictures of Ruby….I know, I know – you didn’t come here for dog pictures, but she’s just too cute. 

What a difference a bath and trim can make! (Not the best pictures but she is very hard to capture as she’s just a bit active)


She’s starting to settle in, and the other animals are starting to get back to normal.  She’s really a cutie – definitely has a lot of personality.

Knitting…hmmm…bored.  I’m working on Ariann, Na Craga, socks…bored.  Bored bored bored.  But don’t know what I want to start.  Not another sweater (although I have a lot I want to make).  Socks?  Maybe…but I’ve been working on this pair for a while and want to finish.  I really want to do a shawl.  I just can’t find the right combo of yarn and pattern.  Lots of great patterns – don’t have the right yarn.  I have a lot of laceweight – but can’t find the right pattern for the yarn.  Every night this week, I’ve read blogs, looked at my patterns and inventory – just not seeing anything that is jumping out at me.  So its hard to start something I’m not completely excited about.  And I’m restless about my current knitting – so I haven’t done much.  Has that ever happened to you?  What if I never get excited about knitting again?  Then what the hell do I do with all this yarn? 

I’m off to go look at the patterns and yarn again – maybe something changed overnight and all of a sudden I have the perfect yarn in the stash that isn’t in the inventory!


10 Responses to Whine….

  1. Opal says:

    Ruby is so adorable! She’s a great addition to your family and I love seeing pictures of her here.

    I’ve been in the spot you’re at with my knitting before. I’m sure something will pop out at you and capture you fancy before long.

  2. tiennie says:

    Aww!! She looks so cute all cleaned up!

  3. chris says:

    She’s adorable and I have to perfect project for you – a dog sweater wardrobe!!! She would be the best dressed dog…..come on, you know you want to. And have you ever looked here:


    Many Amazing shawl patterns…..

  4. Ruby is so cute!!! I imagine her saying “Kill me, they put a bandana around my neck.”. Awwwww. 🙂

    Yes. I have a knitting slump about twice a year. Usually I go thru all of my yarn. Then all of my patterns. If that doesn’t help, then I sit on the floor with ALL of my knitting magazines and go thru them, marking off pages of things I’d like to make. It’s amazing how many things there were – 2 or 3 years ago – that fell by the wayside.

    Maybe the knitting meeting will help stir you up.

  5. stitch-dom says:

    I definitely get into knitting slumps. I hate that I have some wonderful yarn in my stash but often in insufficient amounts…so you aren’t alone.

    I like the idea of knitting a dog sweater…definitely a change of pace. (And Ruby is so cute she deserves a wardrobe)

  6. Rebekah says:

    Oh my Ruby is absolutely adorable.

    That happens to me quite frequently. It goes away, and finally you find the right pattern and the perfect yarn and it just clicks. But I hate to say, sometimes it takes me over a week to get out of that mode. Hope it goes away quicker for you.

  7. Elysbeth says:

    Ruby is a doll. We have a cairn as well. Nothing on earth like them.

    Sorry about the knitting blahs. Is there something close to being finished? Sometimes a FO makes the world a brighter place. Or stash re-organization.

  8. Arleta says:

    Whatta cutie!

    I’ve been bored with my knitting before, but the feeling goes away, and I get obsessed with it again!

  9. susan says:

    Oh I couldn’t have left the shelter without her either! Cairn Terriers are great. I work at an animal hospital and one of my favorite patients is “Brooke” the Cairn Terrier. Ciera did good!

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