Unplanned weekends

Some weekends I plan everything from start to finish – I know exactly what I’m going to do, and what I want to accomplish.  But this weekend, I have to admit – I haven’t done anything that I thought I would, and did a couple of things I didn’t even anticipate.

Earlier in the week, Cieara had asked me to go to the mall.  So I mentally prepared to travel to one of the larger malls we usually go to.  But yesterday, Cieara asked to go to the small mall in the area, so off we went – I was happy to skip the 45 minutes of travel each way.  We had a nice time shopping, and then lunch.  Got home in time for a nap (is it really a Saturday without a nap?).  After I got up, we decided spur of the moment to go out to dinner.  Had a very nice time, and it was good to spend some time with Cieara and Larry.

 This morning I did the only planned thing – went to Jenny Craig.  Its been a while since I’ve been – and I gained 6 pounds.  That was really frustrating – I knew I gained, but hearing it officially is just ….its totally me – I haven’t been doing what I should.  I eat the Jenny food, and other things, so I expected it.  But its pissing me off that I have so little willpower.  So back to square one.  I did buy an AbsBall – I need to start exercising.  I am going to do the ab thing a couple of days a week, and start walking on the treadmill.  I threw out all my larger sized clothes, so I really can’t be going back. 

Anyway, got home from Jenny, and sat down and had breakfast.  I had dropped Cieara at the animal shelter she volunteers at, and usually we pick her up around noon.  At 11:30 she called and asked that I pick her up, not Larry.  That can only mean one thing – Cieara found an animal she liked, and she has a much better chance with me than Larry.  I had shown Cieara pictures of the puppy Tiennie just got – and we’ve been looking online for places in the area that sell them.  They are just too cute.  So Cieara told me that the “puppy” at the shelter was sort of like the Shiu-poo’s we liked.  SO of course, I agreed to pick up Cieara (sucker!)….


This is Ruby, Cieara’s new dog.  She is a Cairn Terrier, and she’s about 3.  Very cute.  Needs a bath and a trim.  Yes, we are completely soft when it comes to shelter animals and Cieara.  For weeks Larry and I have been saying that we really don’t need more animals, and that the 2 dogs, 4 cats we already have are quite enough.  But hard to resist this one.  So we picked her up, stopped at the pet supply store on the way home for collars, crates, sweaters, treats….I’m trying not to think about how much this 10 pound dog just cost me.  The other dogs and cats are doing fine, but they are all swirling a bit – you can tell they are all a bit uneasy.  But we are trying to make sure everyone gets extra love and treats.

I finished my Calorimetry yesterday.  I didn’t take a picture of myself in it – and I promised Larry not to use this one on the blog.  But frankly, I think its funny and he doesn’t read the blog…..and how smart was he thinking that I really didn’t have my fingers crossed when I said I promised…(and as I’m typing this he keeps on walking by, and I keep on flipping to another screen like you do at work when you are reading your personal email and someone walks in your cube…..not that I do that, of course….)


I like Swish a lot – very impressed with it.  Think I may use it in a sweater – not sure what, but I really like how soft it is.  I think it would be a great yarn to knit Cieara something in….maybe a hoodie.  Anyway, I do like the Calorimetry a lot – I’ve worn it out a couple of times and it keeps my ears nice and warm.  Hopefully I look nicer (and happier) than Larry does.

We don’t think we are going to watch the Superbowl today, but maybe.  We always do, but normally Dan and Andrew are here, and its a thing with them.  Cieara doesn’t like it, and we are meh on it….but it seems sort of wrong not to.  I’m trying to resist the lure of casting on for a lace weight shawl…I want to finish Ariann before I start something else…but the damn laceweight keeps on flinging itself out of the stash and tripping me.

Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!


11 Responses to Unplanned weekends

  1. lobstah says:

    Aw, Ruby is so cute! Congrats on the new addition 🙂

  2. Arleta says:

    Aww! Ruby is so cute! And dang, are Larry’s eyes really that blue?

  3. Larry looks TOTALLY thrilled to be wearing that. I think you may need to make another just for you!

    Ruby is a cutie. And a terrier. Looks like your other pets are in for some fun.

    Don’t stress over the weight gain. It happens. More important is not beating yourself up over it. You’ve done some great things this year – the NOT smoking is top of the list. Maybe next time you go to JC you’ll have lost 7!

  4. chris says:

    What a cutie patootie Ruby is!!! Larry is such a good model – he may be the new knitwear model of 2007!!

    I agree with Laurie – you’ve made great strides this past year – don’t be too hard on yourself.

  5. tiennie says:

    Aww…welcome Ruby! She’s too cute.

    Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ll be fine!

  6. stitch-dom says:

    What a cutey! I mean Ruby, not Larry…though he is probably kind of cute when he isn’t wearing a Calorimetry and looking disgruntled.

    As for the six pounds…take it easy on yourself…you just quit smoking which is a MAJOR change for your body. The weight will come off with time.

    Now go cast on that shawl!

  7. Linda B says:

    OMG!!! LOL!!!! That man of yours is such good sport!
    I envy you having that precious Ruby added to your home…way to go Cieara!
    What a fabulous weekend!!
    PS. Check out the sheep doormat on Knit Picks 😉

  8. Rebekah says:

    Oh my goodness Ruby is so cute! There was absolutely no way you could have left her at the shelter, she just needed to come home with you.

    Tha’ts a hilarious picture of Larry. Your secret is safe with us, we won’t tell him you posted it.

  9. knitXcore says:

    The new puppy is adorable!!!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Oooh such a cute dog, no wonder she couldn’t leave her behind.

    Calorimetry looks great and I think it is so funny that you have published Larry’s picture to the world without his knowing.

  11. Opal says:

    Ruby is darling and I love that picture of Larry! I snorted coffee when I saw that! I’m so glad you like the Swish. I like it too Mmm. Swish sweater.

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