Opal had a post this week about knitting the We Call Them Pirates hat from Hello Yarn.  Very cute pattern, isn’t it?  Looking at it made me think about my son Dan.  He loves pirates and skulls and frequently complains that I don’t knit for him.  So I decided to make it for his birthday (I can say that here because he never reads the blog…in fact, he’s convinced that the only person that does is my mother).  The problem is that Dan was gifted with a very large head.  Really.  Its huge.  Probably from my side as one of my brothers is the same way (although I would never admit this to Dan).  So hats and Dan have always been a bit difficult combination.  Poor kid – when he was a baby he looked like Charlie Brown.  Anyway, I knew that the pattern as written with DK weight yarn wouldn’t work.  So I rummaged through the stash for worsted, and found some Lamb’s Pride worsted that I had purchased to make a fair isle hat. 

The pattern calls for a provisional cast on.  I’ve never done it, but no problem – googled it, and found a video at KnittingHelp.com.  Looked a bit confusing (forward, back, back, back…huh?), but I got the yarn and started.  And then tried again.  And yet again.  Then I googled it again, and found different instructions at Eunny’s blog.  Started…hmmm….started….went back to the first instructions.   I finally got it – sort of, but only half the time.  The pattern called for 128 stitches and it took me about 15 minutes to do 5.  Meanwhile, I was getting crabbier and crabbier – to the point where Dan and Cieara were laughing at me (which didn’t turn out too well for them).  So I decided that I’d put it aside and ask friends at the knitting group this weekend. 

I decided to search the blogs and see other people’s hats….came across a KAL for it which I’m too late to join.  I found a blog (sorry – I can’t find it now) where the knitter actually didn’t do the provisional cast on.    After you finish the fair isle pattern/hat, you rip out the provisional cast on, pick up the stitches, and then knit a 2″ lining.  This knitter actually just cast on and knit the lining first and then went straight into the hat part.  Wow!  How smart is that?  So I picked up my needles and yarn, and started….

PIc 119

The lining is rolling up – I tried to weigh it down overnight to straighten it, but it just rolled back up this morning.  I’m on row 16, and I can sort of see the start of the skulls.   I’ll work on this all weekend, and expect to be done with it by tomorrow – its a pretty fast knit.  Its also huge – really – its so big I’ll feel sort of bad if it fits.  But if it doesn’t, I’ll felt it a bit to shrink it down for him.  I think he’ll like it (and if he doesn’t, well, it could be a toaster cover!)

PIc 125

This is the pattern.  When I planned the hat, I planned on a red background with white skulls.  But when I looked at the pattern, I didn’t check the key, so it made sense that the white squares were white, and the black were red.  Yeah, not so much.  I should have reversed it….by the time I realized it, I had 4 rows down, so Dan will be getting a white hat with red skulls.  I think he’ll be happy though and this will buy me another 6 months or so without his bitching that I never make him anything.  I did make him a pair of socks – his feet are as big as his head, so I won’t be doing again anytime soon.

Yesterday, I got my fiber of the month from Spunky Eclectic

PIc 124

Nice colors!  Its called Walkabout.  I always like the colors on her fiber…but….I decided to cancel my subscription.  When I joined in October, I think I expected different fibers.  But its pretty much the same fiber each month just in different colorways.  A bit boring.  Don’t get me wrong – she dyes beautifully.  But I think I like a bit of variety when it comes to spinning fiber.  So rather than continue the subscription, I decided that I could do my own fiber of the month by buying different fibers from a variety of sites. 

I am so glad its the weekend – its been such a busy week at work and I’m ready to have some lazy time.  I need to clean up the house a bit this morning, and I really need to figure out how to get to Jenny Craig (I’ve been off for a week or so and I have to admit – I’ve gained weight).  I have lunch with friends, and then knitting group.  Then napping.  Then knitting.  Life is really good!


5 Responses to Pirates!

  1. Arleta says:

    That hat is gonna be awesome! My boys Jordan, and Malcolm were looking at it, but they are on a knit-for time out. I’m a mean mom, but they lose so much stuff! Maybe after I do a little catch up with all of my UFOs.

  2. Amber says:

    The hat’s looking great! I think red skulls will look cool. I made the same mistake with reversing the colors at first, and I ended up ripping back and redoing it. I think they need to change the chart colors!

    I couldn’t get the provisional cast on either and ended up just doing a few rounds of ribbing at the bottom — that’s a cool idea to knit the lining first. I wish I’d thought of that!

  3. The hat looked great today. I hope you finish it tomorrow.

    You certainly didn’t need our help with the cast-on. When you tack it down it should all be fine.

    Got silk?

  4. Opal says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Your hat looks fantastic. I only wish I lived closer so I could have helped with the provisional cast on, but knitting the lining first is a brilliant idea.

  5. Rebekah says:

    Cute hat.

    Once I get my fiber habit under control I’m goign to join the spunky electic fiber thingy. She has such great colors.

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