A couple of years ago, I received a book on finishing techniques – its really a good book, and offers lots of helpful tips to finish knitting projects.  One of the things in the book that I remembered is that you should take time to plan your project, and start it the right way, in order to make sure that when its done its what you wanted.  Great advice, isn’t it?  Too bad I totally blow this type of thing off…..

At knitting group this weekend, Chris was also working on Ariann – and hers looks different than mine.  Smaller gauge wise.  She asked me if I did a gauge swatch….umm….no.  I didn’t.  I have to admit  – I rarely do.  Its not that I don’t get that they are a good idea or have read on a million blogs, in a million books that not doing gauge swatches is a BAD THING.  But I just want to start the project, not knit a 4 x 4 square.  I usually measure the knitting after I knit 4 inches, which I did on this sweater.  Problem is that the gauge swatch is in stockinette, not the eyelet pattern.  Anyhoo….when measured, I hit the row gauge, but my stitch gauge was off by one switch – not too bad, eh?  Laurie reminded me that this will increase the sweater by 38 stitches around.  But I think it will be ok – from the blogs, it sounds like this pattern comes out a little bit small.  So I’m going to keep on going (why did the Soleil fiasco just pop into my head?).  So I came home, and continued to knit.  Then I got to the part where you put the body aside, and do the sleeves.  Ran upstairs to get my size 6 and 7 DPN’s ….hmm….found the 6…where are the 7’s?.  That’s right – I don’t have size 7 DPN’s! 

Great planning, eh?  I bought yarn for this at a yarn store – why didn’t I buy them there?  I saw a bunch of knitters on Saturday – could have borrowed them.  Or even run to a LYS and picked them up myself.  Nope – I wait until Sunday when every yarn store is closed.  Why?  Because I rarely read the entire pattern when I start one – I read what needles I needed to start and just stopped.  I need to stop doing this, and start planning out my project a little bit better.

So Ariann is back in the basket, and an order from Webs is on the way (since I couldn’t just buy DPN’s I also ordered yarn for Rogue – color ordered was Claret).  I’m going to try Web’s brand of DPN’s – very reasonable price.  I’ll post a review once they get here, and I can start the sleeves.

PIc 005

Since I couldn’t knit Ariann, I went back to Larry’s Na Craga.  Its amazing how much more slowly I knit this pattern  – every other row is cables, and I just can’t do them fast.   I think today I’m going to read how to do cables without the cable needle.  I do love this pattern, though – its coming out very well.  And guess what….I took the time to read the whole pattern.   Just in case….and who knew that this sweater had saddle shoulders!  Its amazing what you find out when you read the whole freaking pattern!  I really do love this yarn – again, its Cascade 220 (Midnight Heather), and I think its great for cabling.  I do wish this sweater was knit in the round, though – what a drag all this seaming will be.

PIc 007

Its supposed to be a yucky day today here, but unfortunately, we aren’t getting snow.  Larry and I are going to the mall (escaping the kids).  Tomorrow, its back to work.   Three day weekends are really very nice!   Nala, however, doesn’t appear to like 3 day weekends, and is looking forward to our going back to work so she can sleep without us making her pose for pictures. (She fell asleep just like this right after the picture was taken).

PIc 002


8 Responses to Planning

  1. chris says:

    Hey, you knit by the seat of your pants – not bad at all!! Adventurous! Well, you could have called me and just popped in for the DPN’s – I totally understand that kind of emergency and isn’t it the equivalent of borrowing a cup of sugar – being we only live 5 minutes away from each other!!!! Next Time…..keep it in mind. but that Na Craga- OMG – it’s beautiful!! I’ve only done small cables without a cable needle (three stitches at a time) and it’s very fast so probably worth learning.

    Poor kitty – Funny Kitty! Interesting tattoo – is that a ball of yarn?

  2. stitch-dom says:

    Gorgeous sweater for your dh…I love love love all those cables! And knitting cables without needles really isn’t difficult although I’ve found it okay with smaller cables (i.e. crossing 2 over 2) but more difficult with bigger ones. There is a nail biting moment with stitches are floating free without a needle through ’em that can make you feel a bit faint…but you seem like a woman who can take a risk or two (like knitting a pattern without reading it)!

  3. myartfullife says:

    Loved your step into the knitters’ confessional. I’ve been there and although I’ve learned the value of knitting up a gauge swatch, I still resist it with every project! Would never have calculated the ’38 stitch-gain overall’. Interesting. And, didn’t know one could knit cables without a cable needle! Have to try this. The blue sweater is gorgeous. Bravo!

  4. Nala is beautiful. Now she can’t pretend she’s aloof. WE know she loves her peeps.

    You should pop over to KnitPicks and get the Options set. You’ll never be without needles again!

    Poor Arianne. Set aside to think about her (bad) gauge (behavior).

    Do you still have Soliel? ChicKnits had an article on sizing – it involves sewing the knitted fabric to get it to fit. We can work on it together, if you want.

  5. Arleta says:

    I am a naughty knitter! I don’t swatch or read the whole pattern, either. Yeah, sometimes it bites me, but oh well, things usually work out.

    Your cabley Na Craga(?) is looking neat! I love cables.

  6. Terri says:

    Hi Jeanne. I’ve got that finishing techniques book too and love it. It’s always in the knitting basket at hand’s reach. The cables are looking very very impressive I have to say. I don’t think you’d be lonely in the naughty knitter room. I’m not great on forward planning my projects either. When the knitting bug bites, I start knitting and worry about the consequences later….as my many frogging sessions will attest to. ;o)

  7. tiennie says:

    That looks gorgeous! The yarn really makes all the cables stand out.

    Is it me or does the tattoo look like a ball of yarn?

  8. Opal says:

    Na Craga is glorious! I just adore Arans, but I’m pretty sure I’d suffocate in one here.

    I would have called Chris for the DPN’s and I agree with her, it’s like borrowing a cup of sugar. *grin*

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