I think I’m having a problem with communication this week…..

Lady on train to Jeanne:  I’m going to visit my grandchildren tonight.
Jeanne:  Oh, do they live near you?
Lady:  Well, they live in that development right off Route 31
Jeanne: (thinking that Route 31 is at least 60 miles long) Which development?
Lady: The one right past the Ford place
Jeanne:  Oh, in Flemington?
Lady: (now sounding impatient) NO!  I said near me.  You know where it is – its the one right past that restaurant
Jeanne:  What restaurant
Lady:  The one near the Ford place
Jeanne:  Oh, right, yeah, I know what you are talking about (walking backwards)….I think I forgot something back there

Later in the week

Jeanne:  Cieara, your teacher sent me an email and said that you are doing much better in algebra! 
Cieara:  <<stares at mother>>
Jeanne:  She said you even volunteered to put a problem on the board
Cieara:  I don’t know what she’s talking about – I never did that
Jeanne:  Well, did you volunteer but she picked someone else? 
Cieara:  No
Jeanne:  Well she must have thought that.  But that’s great!  You must be working hard
Cieara:  No
Jeanne:  You aren’t working hard?  Why would she send me an email saying you are if you aren’t?  
Cieara:  <<blank stare>>

Still later in the week:

Jeanne:  I think we need to talk about my priority list; there really is just too much on it, and I can’t handle this and meet the timelines.  Can we assess and readjust some of the dates  – I want to do this, but with this and that also going on, I just can’t do it.
Boss:  Sure – let’s take a look….hmmm…well, this one is important….and we have to get that one done…..hmmm…..hey, you know what I also need you to do?  I need this….and that…..and this……oh, yeah, I meant to tell you I need you to also do that……and I need all of it done by ….well, I know you are busy….so let’s say next Tuesday.
Jeanne:  OK, but you do realize that I started this conversation by telling you that I currently can’t meet deadlines because of the number of priorities, and that you added 4 more things?
Boss:  Well…..hey, did I ever tell you about my pets?

I think its me.  I’m the common denominator in all these conversations, right?  Apparently, I just don’t know how to communicate effectively to a) understand where people live; b) motivate my kid or c) manage my boss.  So ….I’m glad its the weekend because I’m only going to communicate with yarn this weekend!  And it looks like a perfect weekend for knitting, relaxing and spending time with Larry, kids, friends…..this is my Saturday Sky

Knitting 042

It is going to rain all weekend – too bad its not a bit colder so we’d get snow.  But I’m planning on a serious amount of nothing this weekend.  I have knitting group today – always a good time.   Then perhaps dinner out tonight.  Tomorrow, nothing.  And Monday?  I have off work….maybe we’ll go shopping.  Or maybe I won’t do anything…..aaahhh….there is nothing better than the start of a weekend!  Some many possibilities. 

One thing I will be communicating with this weekend is my spinning wheel.

Knitting 045

I started this a week ago – its alpaca (and maybe silk?  maybe something else?  maybe I have no idea and am making this up….) that I bought at Rhinebeck in October.  Its really beautiful – and soft.  I’m spinning to get worsted weight – I have 8 oz of it, and this is the first bobbin – the second is on my wheel.  I am hoping to spin enough to make a Irish Hiking scarf.  I love the pattern, and think it would be so nice in this – so, and I think the variation will go well with the cables.   My goal is to get it done and plied up by Monday. 

I hope you have a nice weekend – I know I promised a finished pair of socks….but….maybe Monday.  Maybe not.   I’ll leave with a picture of what I plan on doing for the next few hours….

Knitting 046


8 Responses to Communicating

  1. Arleta says:

    Yeah, just talk to the yarn. It listens better than anyone else. LOL!

    Your yarn is gorgeous.

    p.s. Thanks for the comment at my blog. He’s gotten over it already. Mom’s always right. Right? hehe

  2. Opal says:

    Yeesh! The lady on the train! Your boss! Spend lots of quality time with your wheel and your yarn this weekend. Unwind. It will all get better with yarn and fiber.

  3. chris says:

    Personally? I think i’ts them, not you. I totally get you. Does that make you feel better??? mwahahahahahah!

  4. Lucinda says:

    Gorgeous yarn! & you should consider yourself lucky to just be getting rain — it was ice when it left here & we sent it your direction.

    Does your boss have pointy hair? It sure sounds like something out of Dilbert.

  5. tiennie says:

    Aackk! Sometimes I feel like my family only see my lips moving but they’re really not processing!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Haha I get that sometimes, too. Half the time when I ask my son something, all I get is that blank stare and I wonder if he can even hear me or if I’m speaking in some code.
    Spending time talking with yarn really helps. 🙂

  7. Oh! And don’t forget the thing! YOU KNOW, the THING!

    Guess that didn’t help matters, huh?

    Thank goodness you’ve got Monday off or the boss would have asked for everything sooner.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. More yarn, less conversing.

    And I LOVE the way the link for the Irish Hiking Scarf pops up with a picture!!!

  8. lobstah says:

    Those conversations made me laugh (esp the Ciera one, I was sooo like that at her age!), but seriously, it sounds like other people are the problem, not you!

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