Old Lady

My wonderful son, Andrew, told me the other day that I’m an old lady that tries to be funny on her blog.  Yes, isn’t he a wonderful kid (he does read this blog, so if you feel the need to comment on how nice he is I’m sure it would be good for him).  I was thinking about his comment today on the train, and how I write for the blog.  In a way, he’s right – no, I’m not old, and I actually don’t try to be funny.  But….. he’s right in a way he didn’t intend – I sometimes don’t really say what I think all the time – I think blogging Jeanne probably is nicer than real Jeanne.  I think in real life I’m a bit more cynical and sarcastic and tend to call people idiots.  I haven’t done that here.  As I thought about that, I wondered why that is.  I don’t think its just me…..almost everyone comes across so nice and cheery on blogs.  OK, so you probably wouldn’t want to read something that is always negative all the time….but how come everyone is just so damn nice?   Sometimes I don’t want to offend anyone, and sometimes I think its just personal, or not worth getting into it – but I know that the blogs I enjoy the most are those where I get a sense of the real person.   I guess this is my very long way of saying that I’m going to try to be a bit more me, and a bit less of the nice Jeanne…and if you don’t like it – too bad!  OK, was that too mean?  Should I tone it down?  🙂

Thus saying that ….thanks to everyone who commented on Kimono shawl – it really is so nice to have so many compliments about my work.  I have to say that I felt like a Knitter when I finished blocking the shawl.  I think I was on a high for a day or so….in fact, I had a hard time going back to my other projects because it just wasn’t the same.  We sent it off today, and I hope that the recipient likes it as much as I do.

I was very proud of myself this week – I’ve resisted starting the Knit Picks Fair Isle cardigan although I started really wanting to….and I’ve resisted the lure of Etsy shop updates by Black Bunny, Sophie’s Toes, Beadmarkers ….  Its not that I don’t love all of the yarn….but I just have so much (actually, according to NeedleTrax, I have 70,000 yards of it in the stash!).  I’m not on a yarn diet, nor am I trying to use up the stash….but I am trying to limit my impulse yarn purchases.  And….day 8 of no smoking – and I forgot to put on a patch this morning.  Once I remembered, I was already close to the train.  It was sort of hard, but I made it through the day.  Still fighting the urge, but at this point, I just can’t go back to it.  And I’m starting to feel really good – I am less tired this week – I’m not sure if its not smoking, the patch, the fact that I’m breathing better….but I actually was up last night at 10:15 where usually I’m in bed by 9:30-9:45 (I know, back to the old lady thing)….

So I went back to Ariann….and I have to say – I really love Cascade 220.  Really love it.  Its so wonderful to work with, and I love the way it knits, feels, drapes….just amazing.  Larry’s Na Craga is also being made with Cascade 220, and now I’m torn between which one to work on.   But I really love Ariann so I’ll work that first and then do Na Craga when I’m done. Ariann is really a good pattern to knit  – easy pattern to memorize and I learned how to do buttonholes (on a side note – I really think KnittingHelp.com is a great site – I use it all the time.)  and to do increases in a nicer manner (also from KnittingHelp)

Knitting 005

Hope you have a good rest of the week, and I should have a finished pair of socks to show by the weekend.


11 Responses to Old Lady

  1. knitXcore says:

    cascade makes me pretty happy…. everything always comes out nice.

  2. Terri says:

    Hi Jeanne. If you’re an old lady, I’m almost ready for the crematorium. LOL. No not that bad, I started young, so although I’m a grandmother these days to a six month old, I can still give as good as I get. ;o) Tell Andrew the only difference between him and you age-wise is that you happened to get there first and the really sad fact of the matter is that he’ll only blink and he’ll be the same age telling his kids that he’s still got what it takes. It’s inevitable isn’t it. Glad to hear we’re going to see a bit more of the fiesty Jeanne. I bet she’s fun. :o)

  3. Terri says:

    P.S. Yay! So pleased to hear you’re still hanging in there with the no smoking thing. That’s TERRIFIC!!!

  4. chris says:

    Hi Andrew!! Your mom’s not an old lady – she’s my cool BFF with a wicked sense of humor. I’m imagining that’s where you might get it from 🙂
    Jeanne – I know what you mean. I’m way nicer on my blog and sometimes I just can’t “do it” and really let my hair down. I think that’s totally ok – it’s our blogs – really a journal of “ourselves” so why not have it be as true as it can be? While I was transferring my blog over to wordpress, I read a bit here and there and was slightly appalled at how chipper I was sometimes! Let’s make 2007 the year of the True Blog!
    Ariann looks spectacular – love the color.

  5. craftyminx says:

    I’m mean on my blog and have no problem with it. haha. I’m a lot nicer in real life, but I use my blog to vent frustrations that “the true Dana” can’t deal with in real life for fear that someone will beat me up. Funny how bloggers usually have a different persona online. Good luck bringing out the real you! and the sweater is looking great!

  6. stitch-dom says:

    Sometimes I think I have nothing to say on my blog because I’m trying to not be mean…or too introspective. How wierd is it that I don’t want my blog to be all about ME and yet really, isn’t that really what it is in a nutshell?

    And if I’m going to get really philosophical – is the you that Andrew knows anymore “real” than the you that we see online? Aren’t these all just facets of the whole non-smoking (woohoo!) Jeanne?

    Hmmm…back to my so-called real life…whatever that is anyway.

  7. Arleta says:

    Blogging Arleta is way nicer than Real Arleta. I only say something is beautiful or whatever if I really mean it, though. 🙂
    My best friend read my blog, and said “What about this and this..” I said nobody wants to read all the bad stuff, and if that’s what they want then I might not want them reading.

    And YAY! Good for you for not smoking. I know it’s hard, but you can do it.

  8. Old. Lady. Doesn’t he know it’s not nice to curse at your Mother? In my mind I’m still around 28. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.

    As far as your having to be “nice” all the time. Let it go. I frequently post “bitch and moan” posts. I yam what I yam. And even then I post much happier. But you ARE funny in real life. And I love the sarcastic comments. If people can’t translate them correctly you can’t help that.

    Blogs should make you free to be what you wanna be. (Sounds like Rap, huh? Old Lady Rap.)

    See you Saturday!!!

  9. Rebekah says:

    It’ll be fun to see more of the real you, of course I’m taking your word that we don’t see the real you on the blog already.

    And congratulations on quitting smoking. That’s a really hard thing to do, and I admire your guts for trying, and for letting us know your trying.

  10. Opal says:

    I agree with stitch-dom, the blogging Jeanne is just another facet of the Jeanne your son sees. On that note, I would love to see more of the everyday Jeanne and I don’t think you should tone it down. Though I think I tone myself down on my blog as well. I try to keep my fanatic sports tendencies down as I don’t think my readers are as interested as I am and I tend to blabber on and on. (See today’s post and this comment.) So maybe it’s all about finding a happy medium?

    Andrew, your mother is no old lady. Shame on you! LOL

  11. tiennie says:

    I read somewhere your blog is like your living room – you invite people in to visit and you are more than welcome to act anyway you like in your living room, right?

    Love the color on your knitting, BTW.

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