Kimono Shawl

I think there are projects that I hate to finish – for example, I loved knitting the fair isle part of the Canada socks and was sorry when I finished it.  And then there are projects that you are happy to finish, and pretty sure you will never knit the pattern again (Embossed Leaves anyone?).  I was pretty sure that the Kimono shawl would end up being in the latter category….but….now that its done…I’m not so sure.

 I cast off last night – I did 22 repeats.  Before I cast off,  Cieara tried it on, and I thought it was long enough.  But I can’t say that I was all that impressed….it looked just sort of bleh.   Not all that different except it wasn’t on needles….

Knitting 025

Today Larry helped me block it…..I had never blocked lace so it was a little stressful, but we eventually figured it out (and I have to say – Larry really is a good guy for helping me like this).  Once it was blocked, the pattern really popped out, and I could see how nice it was going to be – and the size – which was a lot bigger.

Knitting 027

I waited all day for it to dry.  I know that I’ve read on other blogs that everyone feels this way the first time they block lace, but I was really nervous that once I took it off the blocking wires and pins, it would just revert to what it was before.  I just went upstairs, and removed the wires and pins…and guess what?  It worked!

Unfortunately, the sun is down, so I can’t get really good pictures, but ….here it is….and I love it.

Knitting 031

Pattern:  Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls
Yarn:  Black Bunny Fiber lace weight in Mountain Fog (purchased at Stitches East 2006)
Started:  November 11, 2006
Finished:  January 6, 2006

Knitting 036

The shawl is so soft, light and airy….and the yarn is beautiful.    Its truly amazing that how lace turns from just bleh to wow!  It really makes me want to cast on for a new shawl right now.    The pattern is very easy for a first time lace project, and honestly, I wouldn’t mind making it again someday.  I highly recommend the yarn – the colors are just beautiful.  Mountain Fog has very subtle changes from light to dark blue, and its so soft.  I washed it before I blocked it and I didn’t have any color wash out.  I think that I’ll be buying more laceweight from Black Bunny, and would recommend it.

Knitting 032

I also realized that I haven’t finished a big project in a while (only socks, scarves, etc) – and the feeling I get when I finish something like this is just….well, let’s just say that I’ve been knitting like a fiend on Ariann now to get that done soon too.  I need to stop making small things and start finishing my bigger projects.    Because once I finish everything in the knitting basket….I can cast on for more lace!

18 Responses to Kimono Shawl

  1. It’s just breathtaking! Gorgeous! Isn’t lace amazing?

  2. Carol says:

    WOW! That came out incredibly gorgeous! I’m so glad you enjoyed working with the yarn. Thanks for sending me the link!

  3. Terri says:

    Oh that is just so gorgeous!! I want to cast on for a lace shawl now too!! Congratulations!! Job, very well done.
    Now, is that you taking the photo in the mirror? If it is (and I feel pretty sure it is you) WHAT ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT??????? There’s NO weight on you!!

  4. kraftie says:

    It’s lovely!

    Makes me want to drag out the shawl I’m working on… Oh why did I sign up for all this sock knitting.

  5. tiennie says:

    Gorgeous! I agree about the weight thing – you look teeny!

  6. stitch-dom says:

    Beautiful shawl! I love the colour and the pattern is lovely. I borrowed Folk Shawls from the library and that one was one of my faves, but not so much I’d want to knit it…now I’m reconsidering! You may be starting a kimono shawl knitting movement!

  7. Lisa says:

    Oh, so pretty! The magic of blocking never fails to amaze me. You did a beautiful job!

  8. It’s SOOOOOOOO pretty!

    I’m always amazed at how BAD lace can look off the needles and then it blossoms once it’s been blocked.

    More, more, more!

    Nice of Larry to help out. 🙂

  9. LindaB says:

    CONGRATS! Your first big lace project looks fabulous. Your Mom will be thrilled 🙂

  10. lobstah says:

    Larry rules! And so does that shawl! It’s absolutely stunning and you should be very proud 🙂

  11. Rebekah says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous! And your right lace is bleh until it’s blocked. Then the glory is shown. And the real size.

  12. Opal says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Isn’t the blocking process the best kind of knitting magic? I can’t wait to see how your Ariann is turning out.

  13. That is just beautiful! Nicely done!
    I’m glad WordPress has the tag surfer.

  14. knitXcore says:

    Wow! that’s beautiful!

  15. Arleta says:

    That is beautiful!

  16. OzKnitter says:

    WOW! Simply stunning Jeanne.

  17. Teyani says:

    Now THAT is one magnificent shawl !
    thanks for popping by on my blog – I thought I’d pop in on yours as well 🙂

  18. It looks beautiful! I cannot wait to finish mine!

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