New York

We live fairly close to New York (takes about an hour or so to get there) but we hardly ever go into the city.  And I always wonder why we don’t.  I mean – the things to do – museums, plays, stores (yarn stores!)…there is so much to do there.  We really should go more often.  And yesterday, about 4:00 p.m. I remembered why we don’t.  Its the huge amount of people!  After being in the city for a few hours, I get completely overwhelmed and can’t wait to get home to my nice quiet street where I see stars, trees, deer….I heard on the news this morning that tourism in New York is up and that 44 million people had visited last year – I think they all were there yesterday.

We got into the city about 1:30 yesterday, and decided to grab something to eat.  Then we headed over to the Empire State building.  To a line that reached around the block.  Yuck – 2 hours.  I’m really not good at waiting in line.  So we decided to do a virtual tour thing they had (sort of lame) – but the best part was that after the show was over we got to skip into the middle of the line.  It still took about an hour after that, but we finally made it to the top.  Just in time for the sunset.   It was cold and windy – but so beautiful.

New York 005

New York 032

After that, we walked up to Times Square.  We shopped through Byrant Park, and hit M&M World.  We browsed around, went and saw the Rockefeller tree and finally ended the day at ESPN Zone for dinner (another hour wait).  Caught the late train, and got home around 12:30.  Everyone was tired, but happy.  The kids really enjoyed it – especially Cieara.  She had only been in the city one other time to see a play, and we didn’t have time to wander around.  She told me that she wants to live there.  I think we may take her in for a long weekend sometime this winter to see a show, and go shopping (we didn’t get to do a lot of Cieara shopping yesterday).  All in all a good day, but I’m glad to be home (and I’m really stiff this morning from all the walking).

One of the things that I got for Christmas was NeedleTrax – software that inventories yarn, fiber, projects, needles and books.  I spent a couple of hours the other day putting in all my yarn – wow.  I have a lot – in fact, I have 64,356 yards.  Amazing, eh?  The worst part?  I realized last night on the train that I forgot the tub under the bed.  Yikes!  It was really sort of fun going through the stash – I have a lot of nice yarn that I had forgotten about.  So…..without any promises, pledges, challenges – I’ve decided that in 2007 I am not going to buy yarn unless its a) a sheep and wool type festival b) yarn crawl with friends or c) for a project that I’m going to make immediately.  I really need to start using some of the great yarn I already have.  Today I’m going to inventory my fiber stash – I have a lot and I need to start spinning it up (yea!  going to use the woolee winder today!).  The software also lets you track projects, and then pulls the yarn used out of inventory.  Very cool.

Tomorrow I’m going out to lunch and to the Wooly Lamb with Chris and Laurie – I’m looking forward to it.   Laurie sent me an email and said that she has the pattern for the Huntington Castle Pullover that she will share with me – yea!  Another project! 

Today I’m going to relax – knit, spin, nap.  My favorite things!  Dan is working and Andrew is taking Cieara and a friend snow tubing in the Poconos, so its just Larry and I so we’ll have some nice down time together.   I love vacation!

New York 048


5 Responses to New York

  1. stitch-dom says:

    Sounds like a lovely but tiring kind of day! I have loved NY the few times I’ve been there but I know I couldn’t live there – here I can drive for 10-20 minutes and find a hiking trail or country road if I want to. I lived in Montreal for four years and although it isn’t nearly as huge as NY it has all the tiresomeness of a big city – not for me that’s for sure!

  2. Rebekah says:

    I would love to really tour New York City, but the crowds annoy me as well. I’m waiting to visit again, until I can go with my hubby.

  3. Opal says:

    I love the new site! Sounds like a great time in the City, but extremely tiring and more then a little overwhelming.

    Have you thought of joining Wendy Johnson’s Knit From Your Stash 2007? That sounds like something you’re already thinking of doing! I’m glad to hear that you were able to find the Huntington Castle Pullover!

  4. Terri says:

    Sounds like great software. :o) Can’t wait to see some of the yarn you spin. Thanks for sharing the NY photos. Great for this little Aussie to see. I’ve not been to the USA, so I enjoy seeing photos like these.

  5. NYC looks so pretty. I’m glad you went and took pictures so I didn’t have to walk in the cold. (wink-wink).

    I had a great time today. Good thing is was a “yarn crawl” of 1 store, or you wouldn’t have been able to BUY THAT YARN! LOL!

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