My first sweater

I’m a bit light on blog stuff – honestly, how many times can I post pictures of the Kimono shawl before I get comments like “wow – looks exactly the same as last time” or “your blog is excruciatingly boring”. I’m now knitting the shawl on the train, and its going a bit faster – I’m on repeat 12. Only 10 to go. Although I checked the pattern, and it said 25 repeats. But….I think I may stick with 22. I mean the number had to come from somewhere – maybe its a sign. I’m starting to feel a bit stressed though – this is a Christmas present. So I only have how many days to finish it, block it and get it in the mail? (I did ask Larry how bad overnight charges would be!).

So I decided that since you really don’t want to see repeat 12, and how very different it is than repeat 9, that I would show you my first “real” project. I started knitting about 3 years ago (maybe 4 – I’m getting old and really can’t remember things too well!). My mother came for a visit in July. My mother is a Knitter – I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have sweaters, mittens, hats, etc that she made me. She tried to teach me when I was young – I remember purple acrylic yarn that was going to be a blanket for my doll. Then it was a blanket for Barbie. I think I stopped when it was a blanket for my Little Kiddle (do you remember these? Or am I seriously dating myself?). That was it – just couldn’t get into it. My mother tried at various times over the years to get me interested, but I just couldn’t see the point. So when she came to visit she brought needles and yarn to teach my daughter how to knit. I guess she gave up on me, and concentrated on the next generation. The problem was that Cieara was initially interseted, but then…not so much. I felt sort of bad for Mom, so I asked her to teach me. And that was it – I was obsessed.

So my first project was a hat (I’ll have to see if I can find it) for Cieara. And the second was a sweater for me. I went to Michael’s, and bought a pattern book, needles and yarn – Berat Denim. I didn’t know about gauge, weight, content – just picked the wool that the book said to. It was a simple rib sweater, and I loved knitting it. I can’t remember how long it took me, but I think it was a few months – and that was before I started working multiple projects. My sister sewed it together for me, and I wore it a lot the winter after it was done. I was so proud of what I had made, and thought it was great.


The next winter, when I took the sweater out, I had knit a little bit longer, and knew a bit more. I saw the sweater a little bit differently – the sweater is heavy, big, bulky – and not very flattering. The sleeves are too long – and two different lengths. The neckline? Hmm….well, let’s just say – this was my first sweater.


I don’t wear it too often anymore, but I still have the sweater – I just can’t bear to give it away. This sweater represents the beginning of a shift in my life. Before I knit, I spent a lot of time reading, playing computer games, watching TV. I didn’t do anything remotely creative (unless building cities in SimCity is creative). But once I started knitting, I stopped most other activities (although I do still read – and listen to TV while I knit). Knitting has brought me peace- its what I do when I’m stressed. And knitting has brought me friends – I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogs, online groups, and my knitting and spinning groups. Its also inspiration and confidence. I look back to what I knit 4 years ago, and what I’m knitting now, and I can track my growth. It also led to new hobbies like spinning, dyeing and perhaps weaving.

I put the sweater on tonight to take the picture….and you know? Its actually very warm and comfy. It may not be perfect, but it will always have a place in my closet.



9 Responses to My first sweater

  1. Your sweater looks soft, comfy and warm. Perfect for the weekend, the movies, yarn crawls!

    Or, it could be MY grab bag gift. I’d promise to feed it and take it for walks.

  2. AR says:

    Great post. I think your sweater is adorable! Keep it forever, and wear it, too. 🙂

  3. LindaB says:

    Great blogging my friend!

  4. lobstah says:

    Oh how I feel your pain in not having enough blog fodder! If only I was one of those super-fast knitters.
    I think your first sweater looks really, really good. Much better than mine (which was frogged)!

  5. KnitXcorE says:

    my first sweater is gone b/c i hated it…. enjoy the time you have together 🙂

  6. tiennie says:

    It does look really comfy – maybe a lounge around Saturday sweater??

  7. REbekah says:

    Loved the post. What a great first real project too, I think it’s very nice. And no matter what, nothing beats that first sweater.

  8. Terri says:

    We can’t all wear our expensive yarn jumpers around the house, so there is definitely a place for your first sweater. If it’s warm and cosy, all the better. Snuggle clothes. :o) Can’t beat ’em.

  9. Opal says:

    What a lovely story! That sweater looks perfect for cuddling on the couch with a good book.

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