Productive Sunday

I had a very productive day. Started by going to Jenny Craig (gained 1.8 pounds – wonderful! I went off plan last week – evidenced by my dinner last night of homemade french fries and popcorm chicken). Then I came home, had a sensible breakfast and got some laundry done. Then we put up the tree, and decorated the house.


We even did the front….although our normal decorator is at college so its not as nice as when he does it (no way am I going up the ladder to do the lights around the roof!)


And Dan put up the deer (the one on the left is a half lit moose – Dan’s going to try and fix it tomorrow.)


Took a bit (plus a trip to Target) so late in the afternoon, sat down with a cup of coffee and started to swatch the Knit Picks Fair Isle. The directions said to swatch a fair isle pattern…but…how do you do fair isle flat? All that purling. What a drag. I did a couple of rows, and decided that since the pattern is knit in the round, I can’t really check guage knitting it flat. So I think I’ll do a gauge swatch by actually starting the sweater (no, not yet – still not done the shawl). I know its probably not the best way, but I can’t see the point of checking gauge knitting stitches that I won’t be using. And I don’t want to knit the swatch of 32 stitches in the round. Am I just being stupid?

When we were at Target today, I came across this


Its a sheep (of course) – but the best part (or more tacky/weird/pathetic if you’d prefer) is that when you press his stomach, he baahs “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. How could I not buy it? I’ve spent the afternoon torturing the family with it….I have to stop because I don’t want the battery to wear out before Andrew comes home so I can torture him too!

So all in all, I feel very productive. Always a good feeling, eh? Hope you had a nice Sunday too!


5 Responses to Productive Sunday

  1. Opal says:

    I just love that little sheep! I wouldn’t have been able to resist her either!

  2. KnitXcorE says:

    the house looks fab!… i missed that cute lil’ sheep at target today…. i’m going back tomarrow now 🙂

  3. lobstah says:

    All the decorations look very nice!
    Swatching in the round=PITA. Apparently, if the item is supposed to be knit in the round, you are also supposed to swatch in the round. For plain knitting this isn’t a big deal, but for fair isle it seems like it would be difficult since the motifs are set up for a certain # of stitches much greater than you’d want to use for a swatch. I would probably do like you and just start the sweater. I think there was a discussion about this problem on the knitty forums recently if you want to check there.

  4. Kelli says:

    Jeanne: Thanks for 1) listening to my podcast, and 2) stopping by to leave a comment. I hope that you will also consider adding your “voice” to the next episode by participating in the new listener poll (206-350-8181). I know you will have that fair isle project on your needles! Good luck with your swatch decision and there is not a prettier backdrop to Christmas decorations than a white house with a pretty red door!

  5. AR says:

    Hehe! Cute sheep. My family looks out for sheep or knitting related things for me now. Are we all obsessed? LOL!

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