Some knitters….

I had the oddest thing happen to me on the train. I was working on the diagonal rib sock, happily listening to Cast On, when a woman sat next to me and said something. I stopped my iPod, and said “Excuse me?”. She asked me if I was knitting a sock; I said yes. Then she said “Oh, is it your first one?”. WTF? I was sitting there, not a pattern in sight, clipping along – didn’t look like I was confused or struggling (or maybe my listening to podcast face does look confused!). I responded that no, I’ve knit socks before. She looked at me and grunted. I don’t think she believed me!

She then took out knitting and proceeded to grill me – where do I buy yarn, how long have I knit, what things do I knit. She then, very nicely, said “I’m sure you haven’t heard of this, but there is a fiber festival in NY called Rhinebeck, and then another one called Stitches”. I responded that I, in fact, had not only heard of them, but actually went to both. She asked me what I bought – I couldn’t think fast enough (it was weeks ago!) and she then grunted again (obviously I am a compulsive liar). By now I was thinking that it was a shame that a) the windows don’t open and b) the train was moving pretty fast or I would have contemplated jumping. She mentioned that she was looking for a knitting group – but she doesn’t want one with ….BEGINNERS. By now I was pretty irritated – she told me she had been knitting for 34 years, so I was pretty sure she was lumping me into a beginner and she made it sound like a diseased group of people.

I stupidily (by this time I really should have just stopped responding) mentioned that I’m in a knitting group; she asked where. I told her Hackettstown – and she replied – “Hackettstown? That’s out near Sparta”. I said “Yes, I live out there” and she said (no – really this isn’t an exaggeration) “You are on the wrong train then”. After that, I was down to nodding and looking out the window. I’ve always wondered if knitters were on the train – now I may hide if I see one! The funniest part was that she was working on a scarf – 3 rows of knit, one row of purl scarf. All that slamming of beginners, and she was working on something that beginner’s typically make! (Although I have to admit – it was nice yarn).

OK, so to continue my finishing streak – yesterday I finished Cieara’s glovelets.


Apparently Maggie wants a pair too! Anyway, the pattern is based on Eric’s Glovelets from Green Mountain Spinnery, and the yarn is Rowan Cashsoft (wonderful yarn – really!). The one I finished yesterday is a bit shorter than the first, but I really couldn’t wait to finish it. My model gave me a bit of a hard time, but I convinced her in the end…


Once I finished the glovelets, I went back to the shawl. I’m on repeat 8 – only 15 to go! Its looking great, and I really love the yarn (BlackBunny lace weight – and Carol was nice enough to dye one more skein for me!)

Thanks for all your nice comments on the socks. You’ll be glad to know I’m an idiot, and threw the Canada socks in the wash. Yep – they shrunk. I heard the buzzer on the dryer keep on going off last night and midnight so I got up to turn it off. The first thing I saw was my poor Canada sock – all felted looking. So there I was, at midnight, half asleep, tugging them on so I could stretch them out and make sure they still fit. Its a bit tight getting them on, but they still fit. I guess the “unshrinkable” on Elann Devon does NOT mean washable (not sure what unshrinkable really does mean). Sigh….


10 Responses to Some knitters….

  1. KnitXcorE says:

    LOL!!!! how annoying….. cashsoft dk is pretty luxe, one of my faves

  2. AR says:

    Oh, too bad about your sock.

    Don’t you love meeting someone who knows everything? I know a couple of people like that. hehe

    Great glovelettes. They are really cute.

  3. stitch-dom says:

    Oh Jeanne – she’s obviously never knit a sock and was totally intimidated by you! She knew her scarf was basic and wanted to make sure you were convinced that she wasn’t a beginner herself. At least you know to avoid her in the future if possible.

    On my bus ride I get creepy guys who talk about how their mothers knit mittens…

    Those are cute glovelets!

  4. flwrhead says:

    I would have been looking for a window to push her out of! That’s horrible. If 34 years of knitting didn’t make her a nice person, I don’t know what would.

  5. tiennie says:

    I was wondering where your posts were since Bloglines wasn’t working but today I get hit with 5 posts! Beautiful laundry room, beautiful knits, beautiful spinning, annoying person on the train and great posts!

  6. kitkatknit says:

    As I was reading about the irritating woman on the train, the stabbing music from the shower scene in Pyscho was going thru my head. With knitting needles instead of the butcher knife…

  7. I was reading your post to Tom and he was shouting “Whoa, SLAM!” and the like. What a rotten woman. She deserves to have her needles taken away.

    And when I got to the part where you told her about Hackettstown – well – I wanted to scream! She doesn’t deserve to be in the group! But just thinking about how many of us “beginners” she’d have to contend with makes me wish she’d have the nerve to show up.

    Whatsamatta you? Don’t you know what train you’re supposed to be riding?

  8. Rebekah says:

    Oh my goodness, I think I would have said to her, oh are you sure you don’t want a beginners class, that scarf looks really simple. You wouldn’t want to tax yourself.

    Okay, I would have said that but I would have been thinking it.

    People never cease to amaze.

  9. Opal says:

    Yowch! The nerve of that woman! Run away!

    The glovelets are so cute! They look fantastic on your model. 🙂

  10. lobstah says:

    Oh my gosh, I had a very similar experience a while back! I was browsing a yarn shop that I’d never been to, and a woman who worked there was running around blathering on to everyone. When she got to me (while I was looking at the Koigu), she was like, “Oh, you really need to learn to knit socks”…I didn’t feel like saying anything so I just sort of mumbled. But I have knit several pairs of socks and lots of other stuff too…probably more complicated than anything she’s knit! I’m convinced that those with the weakest skills say things like that just to bolster their egos!
    Oh well, I haven’t dared go back so as not to be accosted again!

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