I hate to admit this, but I actually enjoy doing the laundry. I always have – weird, huh? The only part I don’t like is putting it away, so Larry and I have worked out a system. I do it, he puts it all away. The other “only” thing I didn’t like about doing laundry was our laundry room.


What’s missing from this picture:

  • The shelves typically had a million things on them (of which at least half had nothing to do with laundry) and looked like crap
  • You can’t tell that the washing machine only has one cycle – and only has that when its in the mood to do anything
  • You also can’t tell that the dryer and washing machine apparently got to talking so the dryer started making this horrendous noise anytime it was asked to do anything. Think extended fingernails on chalkboard.
  • The other wall (not in the picture) had this really cute stencil of a washline with socks, towels and stuffed bears hanging from it (the curtain actually was a length of rope with baby socks, washclothes and a stuffed bear). I’m not really a stuffed bear kind of person; I will admit that when we moved into the house 3 years ago, I thought it was cute. Then I started hating it. I started to wonder why anyone would think stuffed animals were cute – but on some days I started to wonder why I didn’t think they were cute. It was really causing a crisis!

The whole laundry room was inconvenient; having the really attractive utility sink in the middle made getting clothes from the washer to the dryer a bit of a pain. And the dirt showed on the wall – this room has a door to the garage that’s used about 90% of the time to get into the house so it has a lot of traffic. So we finally decided to do something about it!


We had someone come in and put in cabinets….and a really nice sink (its really deep so I can wash socks, but doesn’t look like a utility tub – in fact that’s a pair of Koigu socks peeking out of the sink)


The color is a really deep red – I love it. When you look into the room from the kitchen, it looks really nice. Perks up the kitchen a bit (which is a very nuetral tan), but doesn’t overwhelm.

We also bought a new washing machine/dryer. And I love them. I’ve been doing laundry since Friday and was a little disappointed to run out of things to wash yesterday. They are amazing – a million cycles and they actually work! And they are so quiet. They are huge, though, and the end of a spin cycle sounds like a jet engine winding down.

I have to go out today to pick up a curtain for the window, and something for the opposite wall. Maybe a chair so I can hang out in there too (I know – extremely weird!)

OK, just a little knitting content. I was supposed to go to a class today on entralac, but I think I’m going to bail on it. The LYS is about an hour from my house, class is 4 hours, and that’s 6 hours that I could be knitting on the shawl. I really need to get this done. Plus I’m hoping for a bit of spinning time – I want to finish my Sock Hop roving so I can make Cieara a pair of socks (after I finish the current 4 pairs of course).

I did order the yarn for the Brae Cardigan. I went with the color name, looked it up on Google to see what it looked like and ordered something similar in the Jamisen & Smith 2 ply. I think they will all go together. Although I really want to start this sweater, I’ve decided to finish the Na Craga for Larry before casting on for a new sweater. I hope having the fair isle waiting will motivate me to finish it. So….once I finish the shawl, and the external 4 pairs of socks, I’ll only have Na Craga and a lace scarf. That should keep me focused on the sweater so I can finish it – I’m shooting to finish it by the end of January.

I had knitting group yesterday, and had a lot of fun. There really is something very nice about being with people that share the same interest you do. Laurie was nice enough to give me a sock pattern that she was working on that I admired. And Chris had her Namaste bag – she bought the Jetsetter in brown I really like it and think I’ll order one in black today.

I hope you have a good Sunday!


6 Responses to Laundry

  1. AR says:

    I love your laundry room! Love it!!

  2. Yarngirl says:

    Wow!! That’s a nice laundry room!! I can see why you’d want to hang out there – but the jet engine thing – might be too disturbing for ya – can’t wait to see YOUR jetsetter!

  3. Terri says:

    The laundry looks FANTASTIC! It certainly is a huge improvement and I can see why you love it now. But wanting a chair in there…yes, that’s a little weird my friend. :o) Glad you organized the yarn for the new Fair Isle sweater. :o) Nothing like a bit of motivation to keep you going on current projects. :o)

  4. LindaB says:

    Beautiful job on the laundry room!Helen & I missed you & our group meetup Sat.(I needed to work), but we did get together late in the day with some other knitters in the Newton area. As you commented, enjoying this ‘fiber-passion-thing’ with like-minded folks is wonderful! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous shawl…

  5. stitch-dom says:

    Oh my…can I come and sleep in your laundry room? Its beautiful! I love that red! Congrats on surviving the renovation and lovely new machines (so shiny!).

  6. Nora says:

    How beautiful!!
    PS: That is some serious machinery you’ve got there… x

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