I’ve lost my knitting mojo….

I watched Austin Powers last weekend – can you tell? I really lost my knitting mojo yesterday – it was traumatizing – so bad in fact, that I haven’t knit anything since! So no pictures – I just can’t bring myself to post yarn balls.

First I apparently tempted the knitting gods with the comment on the lifeline. After I posted my progress on the shawl, I went downstairs, picked it up and proceeded to really mess it up. I couldn’t tink it back – so I ended up frogging the whole thing. Part of the problem (I think) is the needles I was using – bamboo – just not pointy enough and the join is terrible – it kept on getting caught. I was very upset about ripping it all out, but I want this to be perfect. But ok, no biggie. I didn’t want to do the whole provisional cast on when I was tired, so I switched.

I picked up the diagonal rib socks – and pulled the needle out of the stitches. I should have taken that as a sign, but nope – no problem. I’ve done this so often no problem putting it back on. But then again, knitting mojo disappeared – and I couldn’t get it back on. I dropped stitches almost all the way back to the start – on the diagonal rib – and couldn’t get them back on without huge wholes. Guess what I did then? Yep – frogged it.

OK, no problem. So two bad things happened. No biggie. I decided to cast on for the second Cherry Tree Hill sock. Its a basic sock – no fancy anything. Cast on 64 stitches, trying to be upbeat….knit the first needle – and realized that I had knit with the tail. Yep. Enough. Ripped it out, put away my knitting basket and just watched TV (what do non-knitters do while they watch TV?).

I was so depressed – in fact, I haven’t knit since. Took the needles and yarn to restart the diagonal rib on the train and just couldn’t do it. I’m terrified! I want to work on my Canada socks tonight, but I’m a bit nervous. I’m even starting to think that maybe I should hold off on the Brooks Farm yarn and do another shawl in a non-mohair yarn. Or maybe I should stitck to dishclothes until this passes…..

10 Responses to I’ve lost my knitting mojo….

  1. Terri says:

    Ye Gods I hate days like this. Yes, leave well enough alone, drink a glass or two of red, read a book, take a hot bath, go to bed early and all will be better soon. Hey and treat yourself to a new set of circs. Sounds like you need them. I LOVE my Addi turbos. Do they make them small enough for lace shawls?

  2. Amber says:

    Gah, after a recent frogging episode myself, I totally feel your pain! I hope your mojo returns very soon!

  3. Opal says:

    I feel your pain too. I’ve had days like that. The only thing I find that helps is to power through it until something starts working again. I know your mojo will come back!

  4. Yarngirl says:

    Ok. Deeeeep Breath. Let it out. It’s going to be ok. You’ve had your three muck up’s. It’s done. You are going to be ok. The knitting is going to be ok. Do not fear the knitting. The knitting is Good. Get right back on that knitting horse – I know you can do it!!!
    (I think I sound very Tony Robbins, don’t I?) See you Saturday with the new knitting….

  5. stitch-dom says:

    First – blame something besides yourself (externalize the cause)

    Second – pick a fight with a family member (share the trauma)

    Third – apologize to the knitting gods for possibly pissing them off (suck up to the managers)

    Four – buy new needles (retail therapy/stash enhancement/ensuring you have the proper tools to do the job)

    Five – recognize that after two mistakes its usually a good idea to stop before it gets worse (learn from your mistakes)

    Six – fondle past projects (reassurance through wool exposure)

    Seven – pick up needles and wool and knit.

    Its gonna be fine!

  6. Linda B says:

    Oh girlfriend, I can sooo empathize, but as those commentators before me said, you’ve tripped-up 3 times, this is a new day with the weekend (& our meetup) almost here. You will get back in the saddle to knit another day! I also remember you mentioning how you enjoy knitting in the AM with your PC & coffee…bet by Saturday morning, if not sooner, you’ll be satisfactorily stitching. Then your only dilemma will be which project to bring to P’berg!
    Big hug,

  7. lobstah says:

    I think you need a knitting voodoo doll 😀

  8. AR says:

    Frog! Dang, that stinks! I’m sending good thoughts of really good knitting mojo to ya!!

  9. Bring ALL of your projects to the meetup. Then you can watch everyone else and decide which one you want to work on.

    Sorry about that “Day Of The Frog”. Sounds like a true hump-day.

    Toss those bamboo needles and prepare to get your mojo back.

  10. Oh my gosh….I’ve had those days….it’s like the Knitting Fairy takes a vacation and the Needle Gnome takes charge.

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