Knitting progress

I stopped on my way home from work today and voted…something about that process always makes me feel like I’ve done something good (plus now I get to complain!).

Thanks for all the nice comments on my yarn purchases, and sorry that some of you don’t have yarn festivals near you. Everyone is welcome to come to my house next year and go with me!

I started the flower basket shawl on Sunday, and got one repeat done. I think I may make the small shawl – so I only need 8 repeats of 20 rows. That’s not bad, right? Plenty of time to get this done by Christmas! I thought about it and said to Larry – no biggie – one repeat a day – I can get this done by Thanksgiving. I even felt so confident that I put it down and started the second Canada sock.

Yesterday, I had off from work, and was sitting knitting the sock…humming along happily. No need to always work on the shawl – after all, I really do have plenty of time. I can knock out a repeat in about an hour. I even thought that maybe I’d have time to do TWO shawls by Christmas, plus some socks. So there I was, clicking along….and it came to me. You increase stitches every row. So although I did a repeat in about an hour, pretty soon, I’d be lucky to do it in a few days. I’d be lucky to get this done by Christmas, and started thinking about how tacky it would be to give it while still on the needles….


So here it is – one whole repeat done, 8 more to go. At the moment I’m living dangerously – no lifeline. I think I may start doing one, just in case because the only time to knit it is at night when I’m tired. And lace and tired just don’t seem like a good combo. I also didn’t put a stitch maker to mark the center – just don’t see why I need it. Anyone know why the pattern says to put one there? I didn’t because sometimes a stitch maker makes me mess up on yarn overs….but now I’m worried that is some hidden reason to put it there. Doesn’t it look like raman noodles? I love the yarn – definitely will be buying more.

On another note – I’ve decided that I’m not buying anymore yarn for at least 6 months (so ignore that comment about buying more Brooks Farm yarn). I have so much in the stash, and too many great projects I really want to do. New yarn distracts me, so I’ve decided that I won’t buy anything until Maryland S&W. Except for the Socks that Rock club – but that doesn’t count because its a club (and that’s the last rationalization that I’m going to do!). Wish me luck!

4 Responses to Knitting progress

  1. AR says:

    Good luck. hehe. No yarn, sure!

    I voted, too!

  2. stitch-dom says:

    Looks EXACTLY like ramen noodles…is this where you pray to the blocking goddesses?

    And Jeanne – I fully support you in your yarn diet – knowing as I do that in the unlikely chance you knit through your stash (or it is destroyed in an odd stash-fire) that you could always spin up some more.

  3. Rebekah says:

    Oh good luck! I’m kinda doing the same thing because lord knows I don’t need any more yarn. It’s just gotten out of control.

    But right now I’m not counting roving in that, well until tomorrow.

    Good luck with the shawl, you’ll make it!

  4. Opal says:

    Good luck! I personally think you can finish the shawl by Christmas. Just sayin’.

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