Off the needles…

This morning I was packing up my briefcase….putting my lunch things in, checking to make sure I had everything I need. I have the diagonal rib socks in there for train knitting….I pulled it out to put something below it and sure enough….pulled a needle right out. And half of another one. Grr! I didn’t have time to put the stiches back correctly, so I did what I could and shoved it in my knitting basket to fix tonight. I really need to find a better solution. Something that will keep the needles safe. Grrr!

So I took other knitting with me – this is the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock I bought in Maryland at Wool Winders. Plain old stockinette, boring but perfect for the train when I’m also thinking about what I have to do at work. I’m using Knit Picks DPNs (US 1)…and I have to say – I love these needles. I tried metal DPN’s before (I think they were Skeakal?), and hated them. They were so heavy that they kept on falling out of the stiches. But the Knit Picks are as light as my bamboo DPN’s. The points are very nice – pointy, but not too pointy (and I push with my finger and haven’t had any problems). I highly recommend them and will be buying more in other sizes. I tried to get a picture of the points, but just couldn’t in the lighting. I’ll try sometime during the day.


This weekend I realized that all of my dishclothes are starting to look ratty, so I started a new one. I used a pattern I found in Barbara Walker’s second book – I think its called the Rosette stitch. Fun to do, and perfect for this.


So I’m off to fix the socks…Nala has already decided what she’s going to do tonight…


And doesn’t this just warm your heart? Is there anything better than a kid doing dishes?



4 Responses to Off the needles…

  1. Poshyarns says:

    I can’t wait until my children are big enough to reach the sink!

    Those socks are a great colour. I have only made one pair of socks so far but I am seeing them everywhere lately and beginning to feel a strong urge to make some more. I will have to get hold of some bamboo DPNs first, or something like yours because,like you, I hated using the metal DPNs

  2. LindaB says:

    You go Cieara! About keeping your project(s) safe in transit…do you remember those pastel colored, fine mesh, ziptop ‘envelopes’ that I pull my work out at our meetups? They work so well & cost only $1. Yes m’am, another good reason for checking out the dollar stores:) I just lay my dpns parallel to each other, roll the sock around the needles, and keep in the zippered pouch. Works perfectly ’cause I can see what’s inside, but the needles can’t poke or fall out & the varied colors are a joy to find in my bag…we do love color! Hope your Sat.meetup is great; I’ll miss everyone,

  3. Rebekah says:

    Could you send the kid to my house to do dishes? see this is the one reason I need kids. If only I could attach a washcloth to Abner’s tail.

    Looks like a great dishcloth, bright and cheery, just what you need when doing chores.

  4. AR says:

    The knitting pics are great, but a kid doing the dishes? Priceless!

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