More socks

What a miserable day – it was grey, rainy….very bleh. Its hard to sit and work sometimes when its so yucky looking out. But when I got home, I was happy because I got to wear these….


Pattern: Slipped Rib (Sensational Knitted Socks)
Needle: US #3 DPN
Start date: 9/9/06
Finish: 10/12/06

Yarn? This is handspun! I bought the roving, Merlot Mist, from CopperMoose. This is my first project using my own yarn – and it was nice. Some sections of the yarn were more evenly spun than others, but it all worked out ok. These are very thick – they will make perfect winter socks.


I started the pair of Diagonal Rib socks – I ended up not using the Cherry Tree Hill yarn – there were too many color changes and it really obscured the pattern. So I’m using Knit Picks Essential. I can’t say I’m loving the yarn, though – its pretty scatchy. But it does show the pattern very nicely. I’m about halfway through the first sock (gotta love train knitting).

I’m starting to get ready to go to Rhinebeck. I’ve downloaded the vendor list, and circling the ones I really want to see. I’m also writing up my list of things I want to buy – so far….

  1. Blocking wires
  2. Yarn for the Flower Basket Shawl (I bought yarn for it, but I’m sort of iffy on it, so I thought I’d see what I can find)
  3. Sock yarn for Mom
  4. Sock yarn for me!
  5. I was going to buy a Woolee Winder for my Lendrum, but they aren’t going to be there….so I suppose I just need to finally order it online
  6. Roving (of course)

That’s the list for now….I’m sure I’ll be adding some more. Unlike Maryland, this year I wanted to take a list of pattern requirements with me and buy yarn for specific things, rather than just buying whatever catches my eye. We’ll see how I do.


6 Responses to More socks

  1. lobstah says:

    We are having that kind of weather here today too, blah. I love the socks, the handspun looks great!

  2. Rebekah says:

    What great socks and from your own handspun, I’m super impressed. I have several pounds of roving from copper moose, I really need to start spinning it up.

  3. stitch-dom says:

    I’m going to have to check from home so I can see the pictures (for some reason I can see pics on my own blog but not any one elses from work?? Oddity.) I think you are a sock machine! I can’t believe how fast you knit! I think I have a chance to finish 2 or 3 things this year.

    Am so so jealous you are going to Rhinebeck. It is a solid 7-8 hours from here so unless I booked a hotel room months ago I’m totally out of luck. but I do have family in Northern NJ…maybe I should have checked the travel time from there…

    Next year! I hope.

  4. Terri says:

    It must be a very self-satisified feeling to wear socks you’ve made yourself and know you’ve also spun the yarn for them too. Well done. They look wonderful – nice and cosy!

  5. AR says:

    Yay, Rhinebeck! It’s rainy here, too. But, your socks are so pretty and warm looking!

  6. Amber says:

    Pretty, pretty socks!! And, how awesome that you made them from yarn you spun yourself!

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