Spinning Roving Swap – Wow!

Yesterday I got home to a box….I love days like that!

It was from my swap partner in the Spinning Roving Swap! My swap partner is Lisa and I must say….she’s a really nice swap partner.

As this was a spinning swap there was roving.
Amazing, eh? This is superwash….and was hand-dyed by Lisa. The colors are a bit brighter in person and in daylight – but I didn’t want to wait to take pictures. Its so soft…I can’t wait to spin this up! Lisa also included a sock pattern – Fibertrends Lupine Lace socks. Beautiful! I had never seen this pattern, but I can’t wait to make it.

Lisa also included some Canadian candy
Three boxes of Smarties (apparently you are supposed to eat the red ones last!), and three Kinder Eggs…chocolate eggs with toys in them. Notice that there is only on in the picture? One broke in shipping…and the other myteriously disappeared while I was at work today. Finally, a box of chocolate maple cream leaves….I’m still not sure if I’m going to share any of it!

Lisa also included a chocolate candle and drink rimmer….I have the candle lit now, and its really yummy. I may just have to have a chocolate martini this weekend!

I had a great time on this swap – Lisa has been a great swap partner, and I’m glad we ‘met’. Thanks, Lisa!

7 Responses to Spinning Roving Swap – Wow!

  1. Tina says:

    Wow, I just love those colours! It will make truly awesome socks! Is superwash any different to spin than “ordinary” wool? I’ve never tried, but it must be good for socks.

  2. kitkatknit says:

    Don’t Kinder Eggs have toys in them? What did you get? (only asking because if the little Vespa/motorscooter is the toy I promise to give it a good home)

  3. OzKnitter says:

    Great loot Jeanne! Looking forward to seeing the roving all spun up. I still can’t believe that you can’t get “Smarties” and “Kinder Surprise” in the USA. They’re widely available here, and I actually just sent some Smarties to the USA today (Shhh! ~ they’re a “just because” surprise)

  4. Linda B says:

    Hi J, You are going to have such fun spinning that gorgeous roving! Hope you & family enjoy your vist with Andrew. Check out this blog So Much Yarn So Little Time:

  5. Opal says:

    Great haul! That roving is going to make some gorgeous socks.

  6. Terri says:

    Wow you’ve been doing really well in the loot department this week!! Good for you. Can’t wait to see this roving spun up into yarn. Very striking! :o) You’ll have very swish feet wearing socks knitted up with this!

  7. KnitXcorE says:

    Look @ all those goodies!!!! I’m joining my first swap soon, I can’t w8!!!!

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