So I changed my mind…

The Fibre Fallout retreat started tonight…and where am I? Home. It was my first day at the new job, and I just couldn’t bring myself to go. My first day went very well, but its pretty stressful to start a new job. Everyone was nice, but there is the stress of being completely out of your element. I left around 5:00 tonight and got home at 7:00 (I am definitely taking the train from now on), and couldn’t face a night of feeling the same way. I needed a chance to unwind, and to have a glass (or two) of wine. I called and I’ll go up in the morning in time for my class. I’m not sure if I’ll stay tomorrow night. I think it will come down to how comfortable I feel (and if there are shower curtains – for some reason I’m completely paranoid that there aren’t any and ewww!).

Larry really is a nice husband – I got home to cheese pizza and a nice bottle of wine. Later there will be a Jacuzzi. Ahhh….a good Friday night. Definitely a good wind down from a stressful week.

In addition to shopping yesterday, I finally finished….


Pattern: Noro Scarf from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Noro Kureyon (no idea on colorway – threw out the bands – its just boring)
Needle: size 8 Addi Turbo

I mailed it to my former co-worker, and hope he likes it!

OK, now I’m off to have one more glass of wine. Or maybe more than one….

Have a good Saturday!


8 Responses to So I changed my mind…

  1. lobstah says:

    I really like that scarf…the subtle colors are perfect for a guy.
    Glad your first day went well and you are kicking your feet up! Enjoy the retreat tomorrow.

  2. Terri says:

    The worst is over Jeanne. That dreaded ‘first day’ has been done, so it can only get better from here right? :o) Your hubby sounds like a keeper. :o)

  3. It’s lovely – your co-worker will love it! Enjoy the wine.

  4. Opal says:

    I totally understand about the first day wearies. I’m glad you got through it and that it went so well.

    Your scarf is very handsome and I’m sure your co-worker will love it.

    Have a great time at your retreat!

  5. AR says:

    Way to go, hubby! Have fun at the retreat. I hope there are shower curtains! The scarf is pretty, too bad it gets so boring to knit – knit – knit them after a while.

  6. KnitXcorE says:

    that scarf looks gr8! i really lurve it!!!

  7. ChelleC says:

    Love the scarf! Good luck on your weight loss efforts. We can do it!

  8. Amber says:

    The scarf is beautiful, and what a sweet hubby you have. Pizza and wine sound lovely!

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