Nothing like a day off….

There really is nothing like a day off, don’t you think? I slept late, had a nice breakfast, went shopping and bought a few new outfits for work. Then I had lunch out with Larry. Ahhh….

When I came home, I did this


Yep, I finally packed up my swap stuff. The two boxes are for the Chocolate Swap and the Spinning Roving Swap. The top envelope is for Chris and its the yarn that I gave away last week (sorry it took so long to get to the post office!). I feel very productive. I hope my swap partners like their stuff… was very hard to give away the chocolate though!

After my first day at the new job (yea!) I leave right away for the Fiber Fallout so I will probably not post anything until I get home Sunday afternoon. I’m really looking forward to taking the spinning class – I’ve recently become convinced that I spin “wrong”. I can’t articulate it better than that. I just seem to be having problems lately with getting the right amount of twist. I hope that the class helps, and I can finally learn how to spin different weights on purpose.

Have a great weekend!


One Response to Nothing like a day off….

  1. Nora says:

    Seeing the boxes makes me wish I’d signed up!

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