Chocolate Swap

I received my box from my partner in the Chocolate Swap today (what a nice surprise when I got home from work). My swap partner is Heather, and she sent very nice stuff.


On the left is Wow! from Sidar, on the bottom right is Cocoon by Online and top right is Silk Dream from Lang. She also included chocolate hazelnut decaf tea, and a huge bar of dark chocolate. I opened that right away (I’m sure dark chocolate is part of Jenny Craig, right?). I think the yarn will make a nice scarf.

I have most of the things for Heather, but need to just get some chocolate to send. I’m hoping to do that Thursday when I’m off. Then I’ll send her box off as well as the Spinning Roving Swap box.

I think I like swaps like this one – fun, but short. I realized that I just prefer one time swaps, rather than on-going ones. And I don’t really like knitting for swaps – my time is limited so I prefer to knit for someone I know. But this one was fun, and I’d sign up for something like this again.


3 Responses to Chocolate Swap

  1. AR says:

    Mmm Chocolate! Dark choc. has something in it that’s good for you. I know I read that somewhere. hehe
    I think a chocolatey colored scarf would be pretty.

  2. Opal says:

    I’m a dark chocolate kinda gal myself. As well as a one time swapper too.

    I read that dark chocolate is healthy for you as well. Wish I could remember where!

  3. Rebekah says:

    What a fun swap idea. Chocolate that doesn’t put pounds on the hips!

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