I have a co-worker at my present job that I am going to miss a lot. His name is Tomo, and he’s Japanese. Tomo and I get along very well and spend a lot of time together. I think each of us finds out a lot about each other’s culture and traditions when we talk. I think its going to be sad to not see him anymore, but I’m hopeful that we will get together occasionally. He goes back to Japan every other year; last year when he went, I asked him to pick me up some Noro yarn. He was surprised that I knit with Japanese yarn. He actually didn’t buy me any because he said it was the same price that I could buy it here. I think he either didn’t want to be seen buying yarn, or just thought it was pointless since I could just buy it here (didn’t get that I would love Noro from Japan!)

When I told Tomo that I was leaving he was really upset. So I decided to make him something. I was going to make it for him for Christmas, but decided to push up the timeline. I saw a scarf pattern on Hello Yarn for Noro Kureyon and bought the yarn. I picked a “manly” colorway. And I have to say….this is really an exercise in friendship. This is completely boring to knit, and I have to force myself to pick it up at all. I’m was trying to finish it by this Wednesday. I worked on it a little today and found myself thinking “well, I can mail it to him…” and “Well, maybe we can meet for lunch sometime and I’ll give it to him then…”. Neither is a good sign.


In the first place this colorway has got to be the most boring Kureyon there is. Yawn. Secondly, ribbing a scarf? Yawn. There are two good things about this scarf – a) Tomo will like it and b) its a good knitting group project as I don’t have to pay attention closely. What I don’t understand is how a scarf that is 42 stiches wide takes this long. I should have been done days ago, and I think I’m only about half way….waaaah!

I had knitting group yesterday, and had a really good time. We had 10 people show up – a first! I really enjoy the group – everyone is very funny and its great to see so many different projects. There was a lot of discussion about going to Rhinebeck – I think a lot of people from the group will be going. And we talked about going to Stitches together. I really hope it works out that we do – I think it would be great to go with this group. I think going to a knitting group is very inspiring; I love seeing what other people work on. I highly recommend either joining or starting a group (if there isn’t one in your area). It took a while for this one to really kick in, but now that it has its a lot of fun.

I also picked up the shawl pins I ordered from Chris. Its so cute – I can’t wait to wear it. Since I don’t have a shawl yet, I think I’ll wear it on a sweater or jacket to work. Chris brought some of her other work yesterday; it was so hard not to buy more.


One of the new members, Kerstin, has an Angora rabbit! She bought it at the Garden State Breeder’s Festival last year. I asked her a lot of questions….and I think I’m going to do it. I sent the breeder an email asking if we could come the weekend on 10/7 to pick one up.

The party last night was really nice; all of my current co-workers came, most with family. The food was great (as was the wine), and it was really nice to spend time with everyone. Tomo made a CD for me – which explained why he was taking pictures this last week. It was very funny, and touching. I couldn’t help but get a little weepy. Although I’m very happy to leave the company, I’ll miss everyone I work with.

I’ve been taking breaks from the eternal scarf this week by working on the Maple Leaves scarf. I have about a third of it done and I’m halfway through the first ball of yarn. But its a nice easy lace pattern, and I can even watch TV while I knit it. I’m starting to think how to block it – I think getting blocking wires might help. I can’t imagine putting in pins to make the yarnovers on each side pop out. I think I’m going to put this aside as a Christmas gift for someone.



5 Responses to Boring!

  1. AR says:

    Just keep knitting, just keep knitting. I just finished a gift scarf that should have been over long before it was. I just kept picking up the projects that were more fun.

  2. lobstah says:

    That scarf may be boring to knit but it looks really cool.
    And oh yeah, wow I won a prize…I think I’ve been on a lucky streak lately! Thanks Jeanne 🙂

  3. OzKnitter says:

    Keep knitting, you’ll get there eventually.

    How about putting on a DVD/video of your favourite TV series and watching that. I knit much faster when I’m watching TV.

  4. I knit a scarf for my boyfriend in the same colour – it took forever and the colours bored me to tears. Keep at it though as the FO will be worth it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    omg! i want an eternal scarf more than anything in the world! is there anyway i could convince you to make one and sell it to me????

    lilmisspryncesss at aol dot com

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