Cure for boredom

I’ve been getting a bit bored with my knitting – I like everything I’m making but just didn’t have anything that I was really excited about. So the other night, I looked in the knitting basket and found….

  1. Embossed leaves socks….need to start the second sock. But just can’t bring myself to do it yet.
  2. Heartstrings Maple Leaves scarf – I’m about 1/4 of the way done. Like it, but just not doing anything for me right now.
  3. Slipped rib socks – good mindless knitting with the plus of making them from handspun yarn….but boring.
  4. Baby socks/hats – very cute but she’s not due for months so why rush it?

I also have Larry’s Cheesy Puff sweater in the stash. I went looking for it – and realized that I really just don’t like it. It just looks blah. I showed him, and sort of tried it on him and realized that I won’t like it when he’s wearing it. So I think I’m going to send it to the frog pond. Yes, I know – I have about 1/2 sleeve left, but I think my knitting preferences and styles have changed since I started it. And I can’t see finishing something I really don’t like.

I decided to start something new – but what? Shawl? Not until the lace scarf is done. Socks? No – I’m a bit socked out right now (not a good sign considering the size of my sock yarn stash). I don’t want to make anything for me until I lose all the weight I want to. I wandered around the house for a while, muttering to myself…and then Larry suggested (very nobly I thought) “why don’t you make me something”. What a guy!

So I dug through the stash, and patterns and started something that’s been on my “What’s Next” list ever since I started the blog….Na Craga! I actually did a gauge swatch on this – and had to go up a size to US 8. I had a bit of a rought start, but after I put in stitch markers to keep the patterns straight, I clipped along. I really like this – interesting to knit, but not really difficult. I think its going to be very nice. I’m using Cascade 220 – I’ve never knit with it before, but what a great yarn! The ribbing pattern is a twisted cable – I like it so much I’m going to make a pair of socks with the pattern.


Yesterday morning, Larry helped me convert my Kromski Minstrel to scotch tension (I decided not to sell it). OK, it wasn’t so much that he helped me – he did it with me showing him the Lendrum repeatedly and saying “it should look like this” as he tried to read the instructions (a true sign of his patience is that he didn’t even curse once!)


I also bought a stretchy drive band and he installed that (you can see both in the picture). That was a bit more work because he basically had to take the whole thing apart. But both really helped – I think it spins much better now (as long as I remember to oil it).

So I continued to spin up the fiber I got from the Spunky club.


I took the picture at night with a flash, so its a bit brighter here than in person. I split it onto two bobbins so I can ply it. I think it was 4 oz, so I’m not sure what I can make with it. But I do like having two wheels – its nice to take a break from one fiber and do something else.

OK, I’m off to work on Na Craga.


4 Responses to Cure for boredom

  1. KnitXcorE says:

    the Na Craga is beautiful!!! look at all those cables!!!! I’m in love 🙂

    i’m having the same problem with gloves now, i just don’t feel like finishing them…

  2. aija says:

    I’m totally feeling that unfinished project lull too… hoping the change in seasons helps change that soon.

    Na craga is going to be amazing!

  3. Terri says:

    I understand completely how you feel. Got a case of the same myself, hence my interest in starting the SKB of late and the associated yarn chase. :o) I really like Na Craga! Looks like that will keep you on your toes. :o)

  4. lobstah says:

    Ooh la la, great pattern! I love Cascade too. Nothing like lots of cables to keep your mind busy without too much frustration, huh?

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