Spinning Roving Swap

I joined the Spinning Roving Swap and these are the answers to the questionnaire from my swap partner (I know – not much fun for the rest of you!)

1) How long have you been spinning?

I bought my first wheel after one lesson in January, but had a hard time and stopped. I started again with private lessons in March, and have been spinning pretty much non-stop since then.

2) Are you a beginner, novice, or experienced spinner?

Hmmm….I’d say novice. I definitely am not experienced, but I think I’ve progressed beyond beginner.

3) Do you spin on a drop spindle or wheel, or both?

I spin on a wheel. I tried a drop spindle and just couldn’t do it – and besides, you can get a lot more yarn faster on a wheel!

4) What types and weights of drop spindles (or what type of spinning wheel(s) ) do you currently own?

The first wheel I bought was a Kromski Minstrel; its a beautiful wheel. I was going to sell it, but I think I’m going to keep it (and in fact, just bought a stretchy drive band today). The second wheel I bought (at Maryland Sheep and Wool) is a Lendrum DT. I love this wheel – its my favorite. I bought it to travel with, but I generally use it all the time. However, lately I’ve been spinning on both because then I can spin two different things and not get bored.

5) What type of fibers have you spun with before?

I think I’ve only spun wool so far – various kinds. Oh, I’ve spun alpaca too. I have some silk in the stash, but haven’t started it yet.

6) What fibers do you prefer to spin with?

I’m open to anything at this point!

7) What fibers do you dislike?

So far nothing…oh, I bought some roving on ebay – it looked like the polyester stuffing you buy. Terrible. I threw it out. But other than that, love everything.

8) Do you prefer natural colored fibers, or handpainted/dyed fiber?

I’ve done both, and like both. I generally dye natural colored fibers, and lately have been buying handpainted/dyed. Hmmm..I guess any fiber is fine with me!

9) Would you prefer all one type of roving or smaller amounts of different types to sample?

I’d prefer one type – I’m not very good at combining things yet.

10) What are you favorite colors?

I like rich, colorful colors. Jewel tones. I tend to pick blues/greens, so I’ve been trying to branch out and get other colors.

11) What colors do you dislike?

I don’t dislike many colors, but I’m sort of bleh on pastels.

12) What would you like to do with your handspun yarn, or what do you plan to do with it? (pattern clarification here)

I like knitting anything, but I wouldn’t want to do sweaters with handspun (of course, with 4 oz that’s not going to happen anyway!). I’m a big sock knitter, and am currently making my first pair of socks with handspun (its not my first pair of socks, just the first pair made with yarn I’ve spun). I also think a shawl out of handspun would be nice. But ….I do like socks!

13) What spinning projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently spinninng two fibers:

On the Lendrum, I’m spinning up Sock Hop roving from Crown Mountain Fibers in the colorway Say a Little Prayer. The sock yarn is always sold out, so I decided to do my own. This stuff is really nice, and spinning up beautifully!

On the Kromski, I’m spinning up roving that I got from the Fiber of the Month club from Spunky Eclectic. Its South African Fine (whatever that is – now I have to google it) in the colorway Cool Rain. Blues/greens (see a trend? – I am in a rut!)

14) Do you have a wishlist?

Hmmmm…of course I do. And its pretty long! Top of the wishlist is a Woolee Winder (already sent link to husband as a hint on birthday present!). My fiber wishlist would be to continue to get interesting fiber to spin – in other words, any fiber! I’m open. (I also wish I could use less exclamation points, but apparently I do it without thinking about it – I think there are at least 100 in this post alone…sorry! Damn…did it again….)

15) What are your other favorite hobbies?

I really wish I could put something interesting here…like skydiving. Or painting. But….my other hobby (or obession) is knitting. I do like to read, love chocolate, love movies. But knitting is the primary.

16) Do you have any allergies (pet, smoke, food, fiber,etc…)?

17) What is your preferred shipping method (USPS, UPS, FedEx)?
Whatever works!

By the way, there is a new swap out there..yumm…Chocolate Swap. I know I’m on a diet, but I had to join…only a few spots left if you are interested!

One Response to Spinning Roving Swap

  1. stitch-dom says:

    Hi Jeanne –

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was told recently by a vendor that South African is a meat breed that happens to have fleece very similar to merino (as in micron count I suppose). I gather for the longest time they didn’t use the fleece and there are a lot of sheep out there so the roving is really soft and certainly the most inexpensive I can buy.

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