Is it just me?

I went to Kraemer’s this morning in Nazareth, PA. I had to pick up something to send my One Skein Pal (yes, I know it was supposed to go in August but I haven’t had a chance to get to Kraemer’s). Its terrible here today – raining non-stop and cold. The sales person waiting on me said what a shame it was that it was so nasty on Labor Day weekend. I just stared at her. Here I was thinking how nice it was that it was so nasty….I could get a lot of knitting done. I guess it just all depends on your viewpoint (and I suppose how many picnics you are invited to!).

So for Saturday Sky, here is what it looks like outside (notice the landscaping! Its done – I’ll show pictures on a nicer day)

And here is what it looks like inside….pretty much everyone is lying around sleeping or watching golf on TV (or in my case, knitting and listening to podcasts).

IMG_1701 IMG_1702

I really want to do a lace shawl – I have the pattern and yarn for several. But I decided that before I start something big, I’d do a small lace pattern and practice. So I cast on this week for Heartstrings Maple Leaves scarf.


I’m using yarn I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool in 2005; its called Alpaca Lite and its from A Touch of Twist in Patternsonville, NY. I think I originally bought it to make socks, but when I was rummaging through the stash I thought it was perfect for the scarf pattern. I’m enjoying knitting this up…I try to do one repeat a day, and so far I’ve been clipping along. Larry seems to enjoy it too (maybe he’s happy because he knew I’d go away to blog if he helped me take pictures and he could go back to watching golf).


One of my co-workers just announced that she is having twins. When I was at the LYS this morning, I bought some baby yarn and I’m going to make her hats and socks for the babies. She doesn’t know what sex they are so I picked neutrals. I’ve never made baby things – I love it! Its so fast…


This is Sirdar Snuggly DK – very soft. The pattern was written to knit on straights with a back seam but I thought that was stupid so I’m doing it in the round. The cutest thing about it is that it will have little bear-type ears. How can you not love a baby hat with ears! I was going to make booties, but I saw some cute patterns online for baby socks, so I’m going to do that instead. I also bought some pink and blue Dreambaby to make my co-worker a pair of socks. I know acyrlic isn’t ideal for socks, but I couldn’t find any pink or blue wool.

I also bought some Noro Kureyon today – 4 skeins of colorway 116 which is blacks and greys. I want to make this scarf that I saw on Hello Yarn’s blog. I think this will make a great Christmas present.

So that’s my Saturday in a nutshell. Hope yours is relaxing too!


3 Responses to Is it just me?

  1. Opal says:

    I love how the Maple Leaf scarf is turning out. The colour is just gorgeous.

  2. lobstah says:

    Jeanne, you are too funny! I am the same way…it is gorgeous here today and I was kinda hoping it would be crappy so I could knit all day, guilt-free! We are so bad!
    Baby knits are awesome, huh? They are really quite easy but everyone is impressed when they see the finished object.

  3. Terri says:

    Sounds like my kind of Saturday. :o) Love that kind of weather – we don’t get enough of it. Shame we can’t do a weather swap…I could send you sunshine you could send me rain. Isn’t the Sirdar Snuggly DK lovely? I’m really enjoying working with it too. The lace scarf looks great. Great idea starting small – shawl next on the agenda??–>

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