Finally….they’re here!

I have to admit a shameful secret….I am a terrible gardener. Really terrible. I like the end result, but hate mucking around in the dirt. And the bugs….yuck. The gardens around the house look terrible no matter what we do – I usually end up planting the wrong plants in the wrong places. So earlier this summer, Larry and I decided to have it landscaped. We called a few local landscapers, and got plans and quotes. We decided on one, and have been waiting for about a month and a half for them to start. The heat and rain delayed it a few weeks…but today they showed up!

OK, this is what it looked like before.


Hard to believe I’m admitting how bad we are online….but honestly – once we knew it was all going to be ripped out, we just stopped working on it. Some of these weeds are taller than Cieara (I have to admit to a horrified fascination in seeing how tall they’d get).

Here it is after today


The path for the new brick walkway is laid out! Its going to be beautiful.

This is part of the back before….


See the tall clumpy grass/weeds? That’s my rose garden (yes, thanks, I am a good gardener..).

OK, here it is now


Path for the back brick walkway! Yea! To the left will be new garden beds. The landscaper planned all plants that need minimal maintanance. And they are putting down a weed mat that is guaranteed to be weed-free for 20 years! This is my kind of garden.

OK, just in case you thought I forgot this is a knitting/fiber blog….I finally started to ply the merino blend I bought from CopperMoose.


The colorway is Merlot Mist – its plying up to be a finger weight. I seem to be only capable of spinning fingerweight right now. I need to try and do worsted. I plied for a hour or so yesterday – and I have most of the bobbins of the singles left. This is so soft, though – I really like it. I was thinking perhaps a pair of socks….but then again, maybe a shawl. I guess it will depend on how much I have when I’m done.

One challenge I’m having on this is making sure that I ply it enough – right here looks a bit loose but I’m trying hard to make sure its balanced, but just not too loosely plied.

I realized yesterday that I can’t listen to music or podcasts when I ply. I usually count treadles and listening to anything just puts me off. So I get bored, and its hard to be motivated to do it. But I’m determined to get this all plied by the end of the week.

I have about 10 rows left on Soleil! I’m going to finish it tonight and block it out. So pictures later this week…


3 Responses to Finally….they’re here!

  1. KnitXcorE says:

    your rose garden is as beautiful as mine 🙂 I have one tall stick on the bush… everything else refuses to grow…. myabe it’ll turn into one of those cool rose trees? The yarn looks great… love it!

  2. LindaB says:

    Finger weight or not, that is a beautiful colorway! and your consistency, wow! Can’t wait to see what you create with it. And that choice to hire a landscaper? Terrific! Looks like the plans will fit your property & lifestyle just right. 1 question…will they be planting any bushes/shrubs (difference?) that stay colorful during the winter? Evergreen or reds?

  3. Amber says:

    Your garden plans sound wonderful! I totally have a brown thumb — nothing green stands a chance when I’m around. 😉

    Love the yarn — very pretty colors and I can’t wait to see Soleil!

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