Striped Socks

This really has been a nice weekend – yesterday morning I got in some spinning time, and this morning Larry and all the boys went golfing. So I have the house to myself, and its just so quiet and peaceful. Ahhhh…

I finally finished the stockinette socks I was working on….these took forever, probably because I’ve been really focused on knitting Soleil. Anyway, here they are:


Yarn: Knit Picks Memories – Pansy
Pattern: Ann Norling Basic Sock Pattern
Needle: US #1 DPN
Started: 7/25/06
Finished: 8/11/06

As I said, I did some spinning yesterday morning. I’m finishing up some merino blend I’ve been spinning for a while – just a bit more to spin, and I’m ready to ply. But I didn’t work on that – I switched bobbins and started on the Crown Mountain roving I bought. Its roving for their Sock Hop yarn, and the colorway is Say a Little Prayer. I love this stuff! Very soft, and great to spin.

Here is the roving:


And here’s what I’ve spun (forvive the blur – I didn’t want to take it off the wheel)


I listened to a couple of podcasts while I was spinning, and Pixie Purls mentioned a tank top she finished. It sounded nice so I checked out the pattern – love it! Its called Scatter and its from Saunshine. I did buy the pattern, and will add it into the project list – probably not until next summer. She has a couple of patterns for sale, and some free, so check it out.

I started Jenny Craig this week; I needed something drastic to get me moving on losing weight. So I decided that I’m not going to make myself any sweaters until I lose the weight – I refuse to make any to fit my current size as I will not be this size anymore! I was going to start the KnitPicks fair isle cardigan soon, but definitely don’t want to do that if it won’t fit me in a few months. So I’ll limit myself to socks or shawls for me, but most likely will focus on making stuff for Larry and the kids.

I’m clipping along on Soleil – just divided it for the front and back. That means I have about 7-8 inches to go on each side – so I’m planning on doing nothing but it and finishing it this week. I do love it – I just may make another one down the road.

Have a great day!


9 Responses to Striped Socks

  1. ozknitter says:

    Your socks look great Jeanne! The striping is very effective.

    LOVE the Sock Hop. Spin, spin, spin because I can’t wait to see it knitted up 😀

  2. Dorothy says:

    Love the bright stripey socks and the greens in your roving. It appears to be spinning up beautifully.

    I hope your journey through weight loss goes well.

  3. kitkatknit says:

    Those socks are wonderfully fun!! Is that a Lendrum I spy?

  4. KnitXcorE says:

    Love the socks!!! and that yarn you spun is beautiful!!!!

  5. aija says:

    Good luck with your goal, I’m about to embark on a bit of a “carrot before the horse” attempt at weight loss/health improvement around here myself. Love the Memories socks 🙂

  6. Rebekah says:

    What great socks!

  7. Pixiepurls says:

    that roving reminds me of those lollipops that are swirly white and green and taste like cream.. mmm!

  8. The sox look great! Luv the handspun yarn. Good luck with the weight loss, I just began that adventure myself.

  9. Poshyarns says:

    What lovely photographs, the spinning looks great. Can’t wait to see your finished Soleil, I rather fancy knitting that myself so will be lovely to see how yours turns out.

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