One Skein Exchange – Final

The One Skein exchange is winding down. In June and July I sent and received yarn. I really did receive very nice yarn on this exchange – the first month I got handspun, and the second I got lace weight KnitPicks (I’m going to make the trellis scarf). But this month rather than sending/receiving just yarn, the point was to have something made from one skein.

I’m a slacker and haven’t sent mine yet (I’m actually waiting to go to the yarn store to pick up something to send with my project), but I did get my project this week from my pal. And wow!

She sent me wristlets and a hat – made from yarn she spun herself! My pal is Elizabeth from Louisiana, and I couldn’t have asked for a better pal. The yarn is a merino/silk blend, and its so soft. And it was really inspiring for me to see something made from handspun. I haven’t taken the step of making something from yarn I spun yet, but now I’m going to. I’m actually wearing the wristlets now, and they are so comfy. I can really see myself wearing them this winter both at home and work (my office is really really cold).

Here are the wristlets – nice, eh?


And the hat – Elizabeth said its the Angel hat….I think this is the pattern (and if so, I’m so glad she didn’t add the flower).


Larry also liked the hat….he tried it on – I’m thinking its just not his style.


Thanks, Elizabeth!


2 Responses to One Skein Exchange – Final

  1. Agnes says:

    Oh … I like the hat too! I think I have yarn for that …
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. KnitXcorE says:

    the wristlets are gr8!!! Larry looks amazing in the hat 🙂

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