I had my whole post written and was scrolling down to publish when IE or Blogger decided to just close….grugh! I guess I need to save my work in progress as I go…..

I have two active projects on needles right now (I refuse to consider the projects in my stash) – a pair of socks and the sleeveless tunic I’m making with Schachenmayr Lipomo which I got on Elann. I like the pattern, the yarn is half annoying (it twists), but I just am really bored with it. I’m about halfway up the back, and have to force myself to knit it. So I started something else (this is why I have projects in my stash!)


This is the start of Soleil from Knitty. I’m making it with Sonata from Elann – color is Cyclamen. I love this yarn – really really love it. Its so soft and silky. I love it so much I’m going to use some of my $50 credit to buy more to make Picovoli – I’m thinking Capri Blue or Spring Leaf. I like the pattern, but its been a rough start. I started it on Sunday night, and was clipping along. I realized Monday that I had twisted it when I joined, so I frogged it….grrrr….started again and ended the row with 4 extra stiches….double grrr…started again – ended up with two less. I cast on, and then went to bed. I’m doing much better today (putting in the markers really helped). I’m just about at the end of the first repeat…and I am enjoying it now. The pattern is actually pretty easy – just not when you are tired!


We have a butterfly bush in our garden by the deck, and have been overrun with butterflies. The cats have been trying to get them, but we’ve only had one casualty so far (and Larry was very mad at Nala for quite some time about that). They don’t mind us standing near them, so I got some nice pictures.




3 Responses to Grugh!

  1. KnitXcorE says:

    blogger always eat my posts now!!! argh! those pics of the butterflies are amazing…

  2. Amber says:

    Soleil is such a pretty pattern and I love that color!

    Cool butterfly pics!

  3. lobstah says:

    Yeah blogger is a b*tch sometimes! But it’s free so I guess I can’t complain too much. The butterfly pix are gorgeous and I LOVE the color you’re using for Soleil. It’s going to be lovely.–>

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