One of the patterns in Mason Dixon knitting that I really liked is the Absorba bathmat. There is a bathmat in One Skein as well, but its crochet and I don’t know how to do that. So I was pretty excited to see the a knit one in MD….


Pattern: Absorba from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Peaches and Creme, White, Beige and I think Peppercorn Ombre (I lost the band)
Needles: US Size 15 …which after knitting so many socks felt like I was knitting with logs
Start Date: June 23, 2006
Finish: June 29, 2006

The pattern is done using log cabin knitting, so you start with a central square and build from that. It was easy to do once I got the hang of it, and fairly mindless. A bit heavy, and really – I haven’t knit with US 15’s in a long time, so I had a big adjustment from US 1’s. I like the way it came out other than its not perfectly square. Perhaps my gauge was off on one of the squares, or its just the nature of the yarn. Not sure – I’m not going to block it as its just a bathmat, but I think blocking would help. So its in my master bath now, and I can’t wait to take a shower tomorrow so I can use it! I may make one for the kids bathroom, but I want to see how it works. It is nice and soft and squishy.


Yesterday while we were out shopping for Andrew (and yes, it was a painful as I imagined it would be – he couldn’t decide on a comforter, so we have to go out again….sigh), I went into Michael’s. They had Sugar ‘n Cream on sale for $1 a ball – I got 14. This is my dishcloth stash…not counting the 4 cones I have in neutral colors.


20 balls…how sad is that? I have them in a bag right now, but even Larry commented last night I should get a bin for them.

I started a dishcloth for Andrew last night and finished it this morning – I love these things!


I picked the color to match his new shower curtain, and of course the turtle because he likes them. I guess he liked it because I actually got a thank you and a kiss on the cheek! Pattern is by Rhonda White at Knitting Knonsense – I found it through Knitting Pattern Central.

3 Responses to Absorba

  1. Amber says:

    I love the bathmat! I never thought of making a knitted bathmat, but what a cool idea!

    The dishcloth is really cute. I love turtles too! 🙂

  2. LindaB says:

    Hey buddy, Got a minute to check my email & your blog; priorities in my day 🙂 I’m in class this week & think I’m having PC withdrawel ;( Guess who else stocked up on Sugar’n’Cream@ $1/ball? you know it! Courage Momma on getting Andrew set for college life. He’ll always be grateful.

  3. KnitXcorE says:

    WoW! that’s a lot of discloth cotton….. that rug has been on my To KNit List since i got the book. I love it!

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