What a long week….its just been so busy, and I’m so glad its the weekend. I woke up at 6:00 (ugh) and had some quiet knitting time. I really like the mornings where I can knit, drink coffee and just enjoy the peace. I’m just about finished my project, and should be able to post pictures tomorrow.

Its Saturday, so I thought I’d post my Saturday sky


Its going to be a beautiful day here….but hot! I think its supposed to go to mid-90’s, with 10000% humidity. Good day to lie around the pool….but….I’m not doing that. We are taking Andrew out to begin shopping for his college dorm. Note the word begin. Shopping with Andrew is an exercise in patience. He takes forever to decide on things. Larry and I usually do rock-paper-scissors to see who gets stuck with to take him, but we are all going today. Hopefully, it won’t take all day, and I’ll get a chance to spend some time in the pool.

On a knitting note….Felted Handbag Workshop has two new patterns out…check it out. I bought the one for the berets the first day it came out. I didn’t see the new one for the entralac bag until I went to get the URL for this post. I going to get that one too. Its really cute!

Have a good day!


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