I’m back…

We got home tonight from our week in the Outer Banks, NC. We had a wonderful time…a few good beach days, and a lot of fun with the kids. I have so much to tell, but I’m tired so I thought I’d do just a few highlights, and then will fill in the details tomorrow (or this week):

  • I found a wonderful yarn shop there – Knitting Addiction. I can’t say enough about this shop – I spent a wee bit there, and will post pictures and details. But amazing store. If you go there, definitely check it out. I want to live in it. Wonderful yarn, and wonderful people that work there. Really – go. Go to the Outer Banks just for this store. I want to drive there again just to go (and it took us 11 hours so that is saying a lot!)
  • I bought amazing yarn on vacation…..really!
  • I checked out a second store – I will have to find that name. It was sort of bleh. I did buy some Euroflax there, but it really was sort of a bleh kind of store.
  • I got my July skein from my One Skein Pal – nice! Will post pictures and a better thank you!
  • I did get some knitting done on vacation – not as much as I would have liked since I was down to the toe on my second sock and realized that I never decreased from the gusset – so I had a huge sock. Larry tried it on and said it was ok, but it was really big – so I frogged it. I knit most of the way home (when I wasn’t driving) and I’m halfway to the toe – grrr!

The Outer Banks is just so beautiful, and we had a great time…but I have to admit – I was really glad to get home tonight. I checked email – 112 – and mostly junk mail. I’m dreading checking work email on Monday – I’ve been off for two weeks so I think I’m going to have a hard re-entry!

Oh, one more thing. I did something totally out of character for me while on vacation, and probably something over the top. I’ll post more and pictures of course! But I think its really cool (but you may think I’m pretty odd!)

Some vacation pics….

Some friends on the beach


Sunrise from our deck

View from the Corolla light house


And how nice is this – this was what we saw about 5 minutes from home….a nice way to welcome us back!



One Response to I’m back…

  1. Jen says:

    For some reason my knitting always picks up when I’m at the Outer Banks My husband has to go for work a lot and to me there is nothing like sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean and knitting, it sounds crazy but i love it.

    BTW, i like your site..

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