I bought Mason-Dixon Knitting last week, and love it – the patterns in it are really nice. I have at least 5 that I can’t wait to make. There are two patterns in the book for dishclothes. I have to admit that I thought knitting dishclothes is pretty stupid – I mean, what’s the point? Of course, I got a bit caught up in the book, and just happened to be at Walmart the other night….and bought three cones of Peaches and Creme. Next thing you know, I’m knitting up a dishcloth. And love it!


I started this last night, and finished it this afternoon. I can’t think of anything else I’ve knit that fast….and I can’t wait to start the next one. Very satisfying knit – perfect for TV knitting…

I’d take some of the Peaches and Creme yarn with me on vacation to do another one, but don’t feel like balling it up. I am bringing my Gentleman’s Fancy sock – I’m on the second one and hope to finish it this week. I also am bringing the sleeveless tunic. And one additional ball of sock yarn….just in case! It was hard not to overpack on yarn. But I think this is a realistic amount to bring – I hope…hmmm…maybe I should throw a bit more sock yarn in….

I’m totally doing a really bad job on the Tour de Fleece – apparently I have flat tires. I spun a bit of the fleece up this week, but the bulk of it is still sitting there. I decided against taking my wheel on vacation – I know how I am and I know I won’t spin. Knitting is one thing, but spinning is pretty solitary for me, and I want to spend time with Larry and the kids on this vacation. I don’t think I’ll be getting the “yellow shirt”….but who knows? I may just kick ass when I get back since I have until 7/23 to finish.

I thought I’d leave you with a few dog pictures…I know, I know, but I thought they were too cute. Andrew found a Superman cape when he was cleaning his room (I really prefer not to know why he has something like this at 18).

Here is Maggie – doesn’t she look like she’s planning on leaping tall buildings?


Duncan, on the other hand, really didn’t get into the whole thing – maybe it was the Kyrptonite!



2 Responses to Dishcloth

  1. aija says:

    I’m afraid to start dishcloths… everyone always says they’re so addicting! (I love the colors on yours!)

  2. Rebekah says:

    I love the dogs in the cape pictures, how cute. Abner would be running so fast trying to get it off, I doubt I could picture him.

    Your dishcloth is great, I actually really like them for washing dishes, but my husband despises them, and since it’s basically his kithcen, well I only knit them for my aunt.

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