Too much to knit, too little time

There are just too many patterns out there! Yesterday when I was reading my bloglines, I came across a great pattern that I hadn’t seen before on Nurse Shar Knits. Its Soleil from I really like the pattern, and think it would be a good knit – so I went off to look for yarn. I ended up getting this:


Its Sonata from – 100% cotton, and for a change, its actually the yarn the pattern calls for (I rarely use the same yarn). Can’t beat the price, and the best thing is that this purchase (along with some Addi Turbos) pushed me over the edge so I got a $50 credit on Elann. I really do like Elann – I’d say a good part of my stash was purchased there.

Its sort of funny – last summer, I had no interest in knitting summer things, but kept on knitting my winter sweaters. But this year, I have three – the summer tunic in Schachenmayr Lipomo, a sleeveless turtle neck in Noro Tidiori, and now Soleil. I really need to learn how to knit faster.

Andrew’s party went well; less kids than expected, but enough that they had a great time. I have a ton of food leftover (I always do – I’m always worried about running out so I make too much), so tomorrow’s family gathering is pretty stress free – everyone is going to eat leftovers!

On a sadder note, Friskey died two weeks ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything about it because it was so hard for us. We knew when Cieara brought him home that this was going to happen (he had an enlarged heart, and the vet told us it wouldn’t be long), but I think we all hoped that it wouldn’t happen. He was fine until his last day – we knew it was coming, but he went peacefully while Cieara was next to him. She was really upset about it – I’m not sure she, or us, can do fostering of sick dogs for a while. Here is a shot of Friskey, Maggie and Duncan. Friskey is the one in front. Maggie (shephard mix) and Duncan (lab mix) really miss him – Duncan especially since they played together all the time.


4 Responses to Too much to knit, too little time

  1. lobstah says:

    I’m so sorry about Frisky. I’m sure he was so happy to be loved and cared for during his time with your family. It is a blessing that he didn’t have to spend his last days in a shelter.
    Take care.

  2. janna says:

    I am so sorry about Friskey. It was so brave of your family to take him in, knowing what was coming. Like Lobstah says – he was happy at the end, and that’s what really matters.

  3. Rebekah says:

    Oh I’m so, so sorry about your loss, it’s so hard to lose a pet. At least he had loving, caring, people in the last days of his life.

    I love Elann too, I’ve gotten several $50 certificates there, thus the stash of garganuan size!

  4. Diane Mocerf says:

    Where were you lucky enough to find lipomo yarn?

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