I’m in love!

I am working on the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage socks…and I just had to post to say how much I love the yarn from Hello Yarn. Its so soft, and the colors really are amazing. The pattern is nice too, but this yarn….wonderful! I am going to have to buy more since Larry likes the socks (drat!). Even when I’m not knitting, I just love holding it and looking at it.


Did I mention the Fibre Fallout sponsored by the North Country Spinners? I signed up for this a few months ago, and I can’t wait. Its in late September, and has both knitting and spinning workshops. The price is pretty good, given that its a weekend. I signed up to take spinning courses – both from Rita Buchanan. Saturday is an all day class on “Be a Versatile Spinner” and Sunday morning its “Making a Handspun Project Standout”. I really hope this takes my spinning up a level, and I’m looking forward to the interaction with other knitters and spinners. I was impressed with the quality of instuctors – Lily Chen, Annie Modesitt, Rita Buchanan (I’ve seen really good things about Rita’s classes). I believe they still have spaces, so check it out.

When I was restructing the blog, I realized that the only things I’ve finished this year are socks. I have sweaters and shawls on the needles, but can’t seem to finish them. I need to. I have so many other big projects I want to do, and can’t until I finish some things. Hopefully I’ll get a good jump while I’m on vacation. Certainly, the sweater for Larry won’t take long – I just have a half sleeve left. So I’m going to focus on finishing some of these bigger projects, and not just socks!


5 Responses to I’m in love!

  1. Amie says:

    welcome to the Spinning Wheel!

  2. Rebekah says:

    That sounds like some great classes. Wish I was close enough to attend.

    I really like the new blog layout by the way.

  3. aija says:

    That’s some great looking yarn!

  4. lobstah says:

    Love the blue colors (of your blog). I’m totally anal-rententive about making my links in alphabetical order, so I feel your pain (ha ha)

  5. KnitXcorE says:

    that yarn looks great!!! i always check out hello yarn… i guess it’s time to buy something 🙂

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