Le Tour de Fleece

Jersey Knitter had a post on her blog about the Le Tour de Fleece created by Katherine of wabi sabi. I checked it out and joined…its a spin-along that coincides with the Tour de France. It runs from July 1 through July 23. Sign-ups are closing on June 29, so if you are interested, sign up now!


My challenge for this spin-along is to card and spin the cranberry fleece from MDS&W. I started carding it as soon as it dried from the dyeing…but then….it got to be a bit of a drag, and I put it down. Its just sitting there on a basket next to my wheel….and I try to avoid looking at it now because it makes me feel guilty that I’m spinning something else.

I do have some of the fleece carded already, but the bulk of it isn’t. I can’t start anything on this challenge until July 1 – its a good thing I’m on vacation next week and the following. Maybe next week I’ll card it all up, and then take the rest of the time to spin it.


I think this will be a good challenge because there is a lot of fleece, and carding it takes a bit. I was wondering if I should take my wheel on vacation, and now I know I should! I can’t imagine anything nicer than sitting on the deck in the morning in the Outer Banks spinning….I can’t wait to get there!


One Response to Le Tour de Fleece

  1. Rebekah says:

    Oh that looks like a lot of fun! I can’t wait too see your progress. I joined up on another spinning challenge, but I’m failing miserably. Hopefully tonight I’ll get some spinning in.

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