Home from the city

We had a great time on Friday; Keith Emerson was very good, I’m actually not a huge fan (I only know the more popular ELP stuff) , but Larry is and he loved it. The venue was really nice for a concert – BB King’s Blues Club. Small and intimate (except for the total strangers crammed into a table with you!). Keith looked pretty old, but was amazing. We didn’t get to go to a yarn store – it was raining, and I wasn’t motivated to wander around in the rain looking for the stores near the hotel. Next time!

We came home in the early afternoon yesterday, and I spent the rest of the day doing nothing. All the kids were out, so it was nice and peaceful (not that I’m implying anything about my kids and the lack of peace and quiet when they are home, of course!). I took a nap (is there anything better than a Saturday nap?) and then did some knitting and spinning.

I’m making progess on my tunic:


The ribbing was really a chore by the end (actually, the pattern called for 7 and 3/4″ – I did 7 because if I did one more row of ribbing, I was going to scream). I really like how this is knitting up – the twisting of the yarn is very annoying, but I’ve come to terms with dangling it every other row to let the twist out. Very easy, mindless, watch TV type of pattern (we watched “Ice Harvest” last night – my advice…skip it). It has enough interest with the YO’s and cables every 3rd row, but not enough that I really have to concentrate.


I also started another pair of socks on Friday to have something to knit on the way into NYC. Yes, I could have knit the lace socks – but I’ve apparently hit a black hole in them – I can knit for hours and not see any progress. So I needed something a bit more motivating. I do need to finish the lace socks – they are for my mother, and she’s here now, so I really need to finish them. Anyhoo….I’m doing the Celtic Braid pattern – yarn is Louet Gems. I like the color a lot – I was making them for someone but now I want to keep them (this seems to be a familiar thread with me – I always want to keep the socks I make for other people). I like the pattern – this will probably be one I do more than once.


I saw (and bought) another nice sock pattern this morning – Rococo Socks from Lisa at Wildhorse Farm Designs. I’ve purchased two of her other patterns and liked them. She now has instant download (love that!). I really like this pattern, and think it will get into the rotation soon.

I ended up frogging the Noro Tidiori top TWICE! First time I completely messed up the pattern and didn’t have much done, so I frogged it. I started again, and everything was going fine until yesterday. When we got home, I started knitting it – and messed it up really bad. One row had 4 extra stiches, the next had 3 less, and the last row I dropped about 5….grrrr…..that’s what I get for knitting a lace pattern when I’m tired and cranky (of course, this made me more cranky). I have not reached the point where I can frog back a couple of rows on lace, so I just ripped the whole thing out. I’ll start it again when I’m done the tunic. Grrrr.

We are off this morning to my sister’s for brunch. My mom came in last night, and is staying there for the first week of her visit. Then she’s staying with me the next week – I took two weeks off work! I’m so excited. I’ve never had a two week vacation. So the first week is with Mom, and the second we are going to the Outer Banks with the kids. I’m looking forward to both. I’m hoping to get some quality knitting time in with Mom, and perhaps a yarn store visit (or two). I’ve taken her to Kraemer’s and Tangled Yarn….maybe she’d like the Yarn Loft?

OK, I have to run. Have a great Sunday!


2 Responses to Home from the city

  1. Susan says:

    Oh I like working witht the Gems Merino. I’m uing “pearl weight” right now. What color is that? Champagne?

  2. lobstah says:

    Ooh, the outer banks! My family went there every summer when I was growing up! So relaxing!
    Love the celtic braid socks! Did you see the pattern Eunny has for sale with braids? It’s really cool.

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