I am a yarnaholic….

I really think I have a problem. I had my knitting group yesterday, and someone mentioned that she is a binge yarn buyer. She goes for months without buying it, and then – wham – goes on a binge. I’m the same way (ok, well, I don’t go for months without buying!) and I went on a serious bender this week with yarn. And now I’m sitting here, the morning after, feeling like I went completely out of control in some way and just had one too many. Could it be the fact that Larry isn’t meeting my eyes, or the fact that my wallet is suspiciously empty? Or was it that my credit card still feels warm to the touch?

It all started innocently enough. I’ve been getting the Knit Picks catalogues for a while now, and every time I look at the Palette Fair Isle cardigan. Then Amber from Knit Knack started it, and I loved the colors. I worked from home one day this week, and was on the ‘net at lunch and browsed over to see it – next thing you know….its ordered. OK, that’s ok, right? A fair isle sweater done on size 2 needles with sock yarn – that’s not going to take a long time or anything. And its not like I’m going to start it right away – I have several WIPs going and I did resolve this year to only work on one thing at a time. I’ll start this once I finish all of the “What’s Next” projects on the sidebar. No problem.

Later that day, still in full control, I browsed over to Hello Yarn’s blog. She has beautiful hand dyed yarn, and I’ve been drooling, ahem…looking at the yarn for a while. All of a sudden my PC had a mind of its own, and before I could do anything I had ordered some sock yarn and roving. OK, still not a problem, right? I mean, I can always use a little more sock yarn (never mind that my tub of sock yarn is full to the point of my having to really push down to get the lid closed), and roving always comes in handy.

This is Hello Yarn superwash sock yarn in Burning Down.

Hello Yarn Hand-dyed 80/20 Merino wool/ Tussah silk spinning fiber

It was what happened next that made me realize that I had a problem. I went out on Saturday with a friend to a yarn store in Sparta – The Yarn Loft. I hadn’t been there before, and was happy to check out a new store. I went with the firm intention of only buying two things – yarn for the Flower Basket Shawl and a skein for my One Skein Exchange pal. That was it. Really. Leaving the store 45 minutes later, I had accomplished my mission, but I had a bit more than that in the bag (I didn’t take a picture of the skein I bought for my OS pal, but I bought her Steadfast Fibers 100% wool in a really nice color – Brick).

Noro Tidiori – 60% rayon, 35% nylon & 5% cashmere – the colors are so beautiful its unbelievable

Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino DK for the Fibertrends Flower Basket shawl

Plymouth Dreambaby DK – its acrylic, but I thought it would make a nice pair of socks for Cieara

I couldn’t wait to get home and try the Noro Tidiori . I love the colors and the yarn. Very nice.


I’m making a sleeveless turtleneck from the Noro Volume 19 book – unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the pattern picture online, but its nice – very lacey.


Problem with starting the Noro top is that I also started the Summer Tunic this week – so much for my resolve not to have more than one major project going at a time (yes, that was my New Year’s resolution – one major project and one pair of socks. Doing real well at that, aren’t I?). I love the pattern. Love the way the yarn looks. Hate knitting it. This yarn just twists. I spend half of my time letting it dangle to try and untwist it. Yuck. Its going to take a lot of resolution to finish this (and obviously, I’m not really good at resolution!).


So what do I have on the needles right now? I have the Summer Tunic, the Noro top, a shawl, pair of socks, sweater for Larry and a sweater for me. 6 things. I think the whole New Year’s resolution thing just isn’t working out. I’m almost done with the socks, so that’s not a big deal. I have half of a sleeve on Larry’s sweater, and I’m just about done with the back on my sweater. The shawl is half done (I hate it – its really boring and I’m constantly tempted to rip it out). The summer tunic and Noro top are just about at the same place, but I’ve been only working on the Noro. I really want to start the Flower Basket Shawl, and there are a million sock patterns I want to do. Oh, and I have to make something for the One Skein Exchange to send in August. Hmmmm….I think that its a good thing I’m taking 2 weeks off in July – I think I have a bit of knitting to do!

So how about you – are you a yarnaholic? Have too much on the needles? Or is it just me?


5 Responses to I am a yarnaholic….

  1. janna says:

    Of course I have too many projects on the needles! 😉 That Noro is made up of “my colors” — it’s gorgeous!

  2. Susan says:

    Life is short. If it’s not hurting anyone and you enjoy it I say go for it! Does this help?

  3. lobstah says:

    Ugh, I can totally sympathize. The problem with the internet is that it has made shopping way too easy!
    But those are some gorgeous yarns 🙂

  4. Monica says:

    Yeah, lately I’ve been Very Bad. I got a bunch of birthday money recently and MAN it was burning a hole in my pocket. It didn’t take long to blow through most of it… and I can’t bear to blog about all the yarn I’ve been getting lately. Too much.

  5. Rebekah says:

    Oh yes, I’m a terrible yarnaholic. I just wrote out my list of wannabees and current projects for the rest of the year, it’s at 16. 2 of which also include spinning the yarn for. 5 of those projects are already on the needles, and this isn’t counting the 8 or 9 pairs of socks I have on the neeldes but just don’t have the heart for.

    So yes I’m a yarnaholic and you know what, I’m proud of it! Of course except for 2 of these things, I already have the yarn for. I’m determined to use more stash and less cash!

    Hey that could be my new slogan.

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