The Graduate

I’m going to take a quick break from knitting and spinning posts to brag a bit. On Thursday, Andrew graduated from high school. He was so happy and excited…and I was happy, proud and I have to admit, a little bit teery eyed. He worked hard this year, and graduated with honors, and is all set to start at U of Maryland in the fall. I’m so happy for him….and yet, a bit sad that he’s all grown up. He’s a great kid (when he’s not being too snotty), and I’m looking forward to seeing him grow over the next few years. But I still miss:


I showed Larry this picture this morning, and he was all “Oh, I remember that Andrew…that was when he couldn’t say R’s” (I was mean enough to ask Andrew all the time “Andrew, say Rascally Rabbit”…hehe…he was so Elmer Fudd). Looking at this picture, I just get so nostalgic for the little boy he was. Sigh….

But he’s grown up and here he is now


We had a family party last night for him (he went to Project Graduation the night he graduated), but I won’t post pictures as mine are probably not as nice as a friend’s. Once I get hers, I’ll post. Andrew was very happy though with his gifts- he got a laptop from Larry and I, and an ipod from his brother and sister and cash from everyone else. We probably won’t see him for a while now!

One more quintessential Andrew picture (its very hard to get a picture of him without him making faces) – Andrew and siblings:



3 Responses to The Graduate

  1. Amber says:

    Congratulations to Andrew! You must be so proud of him! And, I love the toothless picture — so cute!

  2. Agnes says:

    Congratulations to Andrew!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great before and after pictures – did you notice that he’s wearing the same color of blue in both pictures? Love the sibling picture.

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