OK, I know that the title of this blog is Jeanne Knits, and lately there hasn’t been much in the way of knitting, but I had to post this!

I bought a angora/silk/wool blend at Maryland from Wild Meadow Angora. It is a beautiful shade of orange, and so soft. I only bought 2 oz (doh!), and I started spinning this after I finished the last yarn, and I just finished yesterday (I had to finish – either I get more bobbins or I finish some yarn!).

The color is actually between these two pictures – and its really nice. I got about 324 yards of fingering weight. I left it as a single because I just didn’t have that much. I really wish I bought more (I sent them an email but them never responded). So the question is – what do I make with it? Any ideas? Please? Its not enough for socks, and the only lace scarf pattern I have that comes close on yardage is the Maple Leaves Scarf from HeartStrings but it calls for 400 yards. The pattern says the scarf with 400 yards is 60″, so mine would be 48″. I think that’s just too short. I guess I could wait and find some compatible color to spin or knit with it, or send a really whiny email to Wild Meadow. But any ideas?

I really am knitting – the Trekking sock is about half way to the toes, but its in my briefcase in my car in the garage. I must say – I’ll be ready for my current projects to be done – I’m getting really bored, and itching to start something new. Really itching. Like looking at my stash and I’m starting to have the “well, I’ll just cast on…” thoughts. I’m trying to be strong and stay focused and finish. Sigh…..


2 Responses to Angora!

  1. lobstah says:

    A lacy headband? A long thin “scarf” you could use like a belt?

  2. Amber says:

    Beautiful yarn! I like the idea of a skinny scarf or a sash.

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