Not much knitting pics…..

I don’t have any progress pictures of my knitting today, but I have been working on everything. I’m just about to the point of turning the heel on my Trekking socks – but I have to go buy needles today. Working with the metal Skacel needles is just impossible – I find that my knitting is very slow because the needles are heavy and want to drop out. I’m 2 inches away from the toe on the first lace sock – ugh – love how the sock looks, but this sock seems to define black hole knitting. I can knit for hours and when I measure I’m 1/4 inch further. And I’ve been working on my shawl because a deadline for it is looming. Pattern is very easy…too easy…its pretty boring at this point. Hopefully after this long weekend, I’ll finish at least the socks and will post pictures.

I have been spinning this week as well; I have the blue/green roving all done, and its waiting for me to ply it. I didn’t have the time to do that, so I started to spin something that I bought at Maryland. This is 60% angora/20% silk/20% wool that I bought from Wild Meadow Angora. Its beautiful and so soft! I bought two 1 oz batts, but I did send them an email to see if I could get more. I’m going to knit this as a single, so I’m trying not to spin to finely. I love the color!

I bought a fleece at Maryland, and need to wash it up. I also have some Lincoln that I bought a while ago from Copper Moose. The fleece is shades of brown, the Lincoln is white. I thought about it and decided to dye both. I bought some One-Step Country Classic dyes from Halycon Yarn this week to dye them. I also bought some Wensleydale Longwool Top because I love how this fiber spins up. I’m going to dye all three. The dye I bought is 42 – Cranberry and
#35 – Blueberry. I think I’m going to dye them a single color; eventually I do want to try space dyeing or multi-color, but I’m not there yet. I had read about this dye on someone’s blog (I can’t remember whose – I’ll try to find it). It sounds like its one step up from Kool-Aid, so it will be easy. I also bought Dyeing to Knit – great book – I started reading it last night. It covers various dyeing techniques and lays it out so that its understandable and not too scary.

Did you see that Blue Moon Fiber Arts has new colors of Socks that Rock? I almost ordered some last night, but remembered at the last minute that I can’t buy sock yarn until mid-June because of Sock Yarn Addicts Club. Doh! But on the day after SYAC ends, I will be buying Highway 30, Fred Flinstone, and Lagoon.

Andrew had his senior prom last night; he decided on a white tux because of the color of his girlfriend Victoria’s dress. They both looked so nice. Very cute together – very excited about going. They went with a group of friends, and there was an after prom party/sleepover. Today they are going rock climbing so I don’t expect to see him. I have a baby picture of him on my desk at work; I was looking at it yesterday – hard to believe this is the same person!


4 Responses to Not much knitting pics…..

  1. Agnes says:

    Your son is a senior! Wow … doesn’t time fly? The pair of young people is such a pleasant sight! Lovely.

  2. Amber says:

    Awww. Your son is so handsome. My babies are still babies (well, they’re almost 1 and 4), but I know the time will just fly by.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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