Short Attention Span

No matter how hard I try to focus on one project at a time, I can’t seem to stop the impulsive casting on for a new project when the mood hits me. When I started knitting, I did this a lot, and consequently had 4 or 5 projects going at the same time. It took me forever to finish anything, so this January I decided that I would only have one major (sweater, shawl, afghan, etc) project going at a time, with one sock for traveling knitting. I’ve been pretty good about it…sort of….well….maybe I need some work here. I have two sweaters in progress, but also a shawl. I’m consistently working on the shawl, but I feel the weight of those two other sweaters occasionally. I actually am just about done on one – just need a half sleeve, so maybe I’ll finish it once I finish the shawl.

I have been trying very hard to work on one sock at a time, but again, lately this hasn’t been too successful. I’m working on the Simply Lovely lace socks, and am about half way with the first sock. I like them, but the top curls – I’ll have to block it, and tell the recipient to do the same when she washes them.

So I was clicking along on this sock, and my shawl this weekend (no pics of the shawl – its the same but bigger!). Then yesterday….I went to The Spinnery in Frenchtown. I’m selling my Kromski Minstrel there. I had to pick up some needles (due to Frisky’s eating mine!), so I picked up a set of size 2 (Brittney Birch) and a set of size 1’s. They didn’t have any wood size 1’s so I picked up a set of Skacel metal. Hmmm…these are serious needles. Heavy, very nice. These won’t bend like the other #1’s I had. So I had to try them out (here comes my short attention span!):

Nice, eh? This is Trekking in Colorway 100. I’m doing a baby cable from Sensational Knitted Socks, and they are for Larry. (On a side note – ever notice that when you make someone socks, and all of a sudden they get a bit whiny when you make several pairs that aren’t for them?). Love the colors, love the yarn…not sure I like the needles. I’ve dropped more stitches on this pair of socks than I have in a while – the needle keeps on dropping out when I switch to a new needle. Jury is still out whether I will continue to use them (although I must say Friskey won’t be eating these!).

I picked up a book at The Spinnery – Color in Spinning by Deb Menz. Wow – amazing book. All about using color in dyeing and spinning. Some parts seem a bit over my head right now, but it does make me want to run out and buy real dyes.

Finally, on Saturday we went to see my nephew Peter graduate from Lafayette College. We sat about a 100 miles away, and really couldn’t see much, but we were happy to share in his day. Forgive the photo – although he looks scared, he really was very happy and excited (maybe we looked scary and that’s why he has this look on his face!). Congrats Peter! He’s heading off in the fall to Notre Dame in a PhD program – I’m very proud of what he’s accomplished. Hard to believe this is the same kid that used to cry every time I watched him because he missed his mom.


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