Reading directions….

Sometimes its a very good idea to do things the right way. Really. When I dyed the yarn on Saturday, I was concerned that it wouldn’t dye right where I tied it. I know that all of the directions I’ve read said to tie the yarn, but I thought it wouldn’t dye well, and I’d get white splotches. So I took out the ties. Bad idea. Really.

This is just one of the skeins; it took me (with help!) a day to get the other one untangled, but this one seems a bit more determined. There was one tie left that I skipped on the first skein – probably why it was much easier to untangle. Next time, I will leave it tied.

I like the yarn, though – it didn’t dye one consistent color which I like. I like it so much I keep on thinking of buying more yarn to dye. Or some roving (I do have some nice white Lincoln….).

Here is the first skein balled up…

Why is it balled? Because I decided to use it right away!

Sure, I know….I have a pair on the needles already (almost done in fact!) and I really need to get the shawl finished. And I have a bunch of other projects lined up…but I just couldn’t wait to use the yarn! The pattern is Simply Lovely Lace socks from Interweave Spring 06. Not sure who they are for, but they are fun to knit – and I love the yarn!


5 Responses to Reading directions….

  1. lobstah says:

    Oh no! That’s horrible. I HATE untangling yarn…hate, hate, hate it! I remember there was a Knitter’s Review thread not too long ago about people who LIKE untangling yarn. Weird!

  2. Allena says:

    OMG that so sucks! i hate untangling yarn. my problems usually result from my DD (18 months) trying to “help me” knit. LOL much rather her playing with needles and yarn LOL
    it sucks so bad. i feel your pain

  3. Ada says:

    untangling yarn is the worst thing to do. But i love the color of the yarn and how the sock is going to look!

  4. LINDA B says:

    After seeing your gorgeous red wooly yarn, I’ll be trying KoolAid soon:) In the past for dying my hooking wool I’ve used good old get-it-in-the-market, Rit Dyes. I’ve overdyed many pieces to see how the combined colors would come out & at the same time giving the pieces a tonal connection. I’m looking forward now to applying the same techniques to hanks of yarn! BTW, best not to use stainless steel or plastic containers. Steel, I’ve been told, reacts with dyes & of course the plastic will absorb.

  5. deirdre says:

    Your yarn is just gorgeous, and I’m sorry, but the tangle made me laugh – happens to me more than I can say, and it’s such a waste of good knitting time to untangle!!

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